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'Survivor: Winners At War' Episode 8

Episode 8! It's Merge Time!

By Nathan MillerPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
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Holy crap! What an amazing episode of Survivor tonight! First off, poor Yul. I was really rooting for him. But, it's ok. Plus, somebody will re-enter the game this time. Amber gave Rob all her tokens for an advantage and an idol, Natalie used her tokens for an advantage and an idol, Ethan, Danni & Tyson also bought advantages in the challenge. But not Amber, Parvati or Yul. And then, the challenge. Well, first MERGE! All together. Then, the challenge. The hardcore battle between the 8 who just want to get back in the game. And it's even for the most part. But, Tyson, Rob & Natalie run it. With others catching up and getting close to winning, especially Yul, despite having no advantage. It's a close battle but ultimately, Tyson wins and gets back in.

At the merge camp, alliances and relationships are being formed. Denise reveals herself as the Queen Slayer (with Sophie asking about it), Jeremy wanting to be Wendell's #2 and planning a Nick blindside and a potential team up of the threats. Though, Denise also has a target on her back because she took out the queen (obviously). So far, really good. Can't wait to see how the vote turns out. Also, I agree. I'm very surprised Tyson's name hasn't even been mentioned. Oh, and Tony upset that fire token prices raised up, reminding him of not being able to afford gum lol. Lines like that make me love watching Tony even more lol.

And now huge storm of rain the Koru camp. Everyone seems to be struggling except a few people. Especially not Adam in particular, who literally beat a cyclone in his original season. So, rain is tough but it's still the game. And it's continuing to be played as the immunity challenge comes up. A classic and one of my personal favorites, hang on to a pole challenge. The one that Tyson won in his original season. But, with a twist. One man and one woman will win immunity and one fire token each. And of course, Ben assumed the shaking Sophie wouldn't win it due to the rain and her freezing. But, she made it really far. And she and Ben fell around the same time later in the challenge. And surprisingly, Tyson didn't make it very far. The guy that WON this challenge before lost it this time around. And ultimately, the two that won are Denise, the Queenslayer who was an original target and Jeremy, the guy who wants to run the show without people realizing it.

Before Tribal Council, plans were constantly getting thrown out. The threats are sticking together and it looks like Nick may be a target that Jeremy wants out. For one thing, Jeremy wants to be Wendell's 2nd in command. For another, Nick is a great social player who comes into everyone's conversations, so it's hard to strategize with him around. But, Sophie noticed Jeremy's closeness to Wendell and talked with others about taking out Wendell out instead to change it. And when more and more people brought it up, but when Jeremy found out, he took Nick's plan and decided the best way to keep Wendell safe is to take out the guy nobody trusts, Adam.

At Tribal Council, the conversation went from why Tyson isn't going to, people not revealing who the vote is, how everything is unclear and a lot of talk but not talking at the same time. In other words, merges are always crazy but it usually starts out with confusion as to who's voting who. And it did seem like it was gonna be Adam, really did. But then more Wendell votes came up. A lot more. And Wendell, the winner of Ghost Island/ex boyfriend of Michele was voted out and sent to the Edge of Extinction, Adam is once again spared and Wendell isn't this time.

Overall, wow. This was an intense but great episode of Survivor tonight. A lot of twists and turns but ultimately an epic blindside. Just, wow. Who would've ever though. Nick then Wendell then Adam and back to Wendell. Just amazing. Can't wait to see what happens next when Nick wants revenge, considers taking Sarah out, Sarah maybe finds out and apparently someone plays with fire (maybe Nick? maybe not?) and Adam doesn't want it to burn them. Next week's gonna be a good one and tonight definitely was as well.

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