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'Survivor: Winners At War' Episode 7

Episode 7 for Winners At War!

By Nathan MillerPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
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Well, quite a fantastic episode of Survivor tonight! Starts off with the Edge, Parvati & Sandra arrive. But, here's the thing. Sandra, the queen of Survivor knows she sucks at challenges. Heck, she has the sit out bench named after her. So, no doubt in her mind, she's pulling the flag and going home. She figures, why stay if she can never win a challenge? So, goodbye Sandra Diaz-Twine, the queen stays queen, adios, you legend. You may be out, but that doesn't change that you're the queen. Then at Sele, Yul spoke with Wendell, explaining how Wendell's actions were very poorly done and how he caused chaos when he didn't even need to. Wendell thanked him and appreciated his honesty. Though, the next day, Michele spoke with him about it and he was more aggressive in terms of his speech about it. Yet, she even gave him a token to confirm her trust afterwards but, something's off with Wendell. Yeah, he may have dug his own grave.

Back at the Edge of Extinction, four new tokens were placed on top of the island and definitely more than four players actually on the Edge, almost double actually. And they all ran off with Rob first and nobody finding one, except Tyson. At least to their thoughts. But in all honesty, Rob played the others, even his own wife. Rob found the other 3 and didn't tell a single soul. Played it cool as if he didn't, but he did. At Dakal, Tony ran to a tree and mentioned Denise's target. But what he didn't realize is that he's the real target. I mean, he's Tony. Of course he's the biggest target. He's a big legend just for his original season alone. And looks like Kim is on board so, Tony better try and work his magic, cause I don't want to see him gone this soon. As for Yara, it's Adam vs Ben. Ben questioning Adam about the idol and then going out looking for it. Adam thinking Ben & Sarah are sharing one. Basically, nothing but insanity on this tribe with Adam putting a bigger target on his back for calling them out. And Ben & Adam both don't realize that Sophie has it, just Sophie & Sarah.

At the immunity challenge, it was the famous carry a giant water bucket, get tons of water, get enough to release a puzzle and then do that puzzle challenge from Survivor: David vs. Goliath. You know, the one that Nick's tribe lost really badly back then. So, Nick has to really step it up this time, otherwise history will repeat itself. And Yara does the slow but strong strategy that, while puts them in the back at first, ends up giving them the lead and later on, the win. And between Dakal and Sele, with seconds in between them and due to Wendell's trash talking, Dakal beat Sele, repeating history for Nick and sending them to Tribal Council.

Before Tribal Council, Yul made a plan to take out Wendell which Michele agreed to along with Nick. But, Wendell somehow figured it out and put a target on Yul, wanting him out, leaving Michele & Nick in the middle. What really made Michele & Nick consider taking out Yul over Wendell is that Yul made a plan to possibly get Wendell's fire tokens for Michele, but due to the possible target on him, he wanted compensation by getting a token. But, this shows a real dark and strategic side to him. So now there's a choice, take out Wendell for revenge or Yul for strategy. It's completely up to Nick & Michele on who they're taking out. And it'll be interesting to see who goes.

At Tribal Council, the talks were mostly about trust and fire tokens and of course, Wendell. So, it became a conversation of trusting people and whether people were willing to backstab each other. Yul mentioned the duplicity of fire tokens, Wendell mentioned he'll do what he had to do, he spoke to correct Michele and apologized for his wording. The whole thing was fascinating to watch. And while it was initially unclear on who was gonna go, ultimately the final "old school" player, Yul was blindsided and sent to the Edge of Extinction, leaving one fire token each for Sophie & Sarah. This was a big blindside but definitely understandable.

Overall, holy crap. I can't believe all this happened but it was exciting to watch. This was a big, crazy, awesome episode of Survivor tonight and I can't wait to see what happens next week when the tribes merge and everyone is after everyone.

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