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'Survivor: Winners At War' Episode 11

Episode 11!

By Nathan MillerPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
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Wow! What an epic episode of Survivor tonight! First off, nice job taking out Tyson. Jeremy definitely saved himself. Though now, he's likely screwed now, he's in an alliance of 4 that is against an alliance of 5 and he just made a big move while already being a huge threat. So, he's gotta find something. And now, Tony is finally ready to play all out. He's back to old Tony from Cagayan & Game Changers. He waits til everyone's asleep and he goes on an idol hunt and even despite Nick showing up for a moment, he maneuvers the situation and manages to get an idol! But there's more, Sarah brings out her own fashion show, emphasizing that while Tony plays hard strategically, Sarah is better socially. Meanwhile, Tony decides to keep playing hard and going for a double agent type idea. He speaks with Jeremy and his alliance, talking about working with them and Jeremy and Michele buy it, easily. But Kim & Denise don't. They see right through it and now, Tony is their target #1.

At The Edge of Extinction, everyone goes looking for firewood. You know, camplife. Tyson sees Wendell's strength, telling him that he's more likely to make it through the Edge than Adam. Meanwhile, Rob & Amber kiss and everyone continues to work. But then, Natalie manages to find a clue with Parvati around, so the two read it and go searching. They were a bit confused about it until it hit them. There's an advantage under the shelter. So, when everyone went to go look at the sunset, Natalie goes under the shelter and gets the clue. It's an extortion advantage, allowing the user to block someone from competing in the next immunity challenge and voting unless their payment demands are met. And immediately, they think about whether to use it on someone who has a lot of tokens or someone who can shake the game up and be chaotic. So naturally, they chose Tony.

Back at camp, Tony was freaking out and even fell over when heading to see his new advantage. He saw it, first word he read was "Extortion". Being a cop he immediately knows what that means. He got more and more excited until the end. That is when it was revealed that he was the one being extorted against for 6 TOKENS! Holy crap. Tony better hope his social game is really good. So naturally, he went to Michele, hoping he could get his new alliance to help him out so he can "vote with them". And he had limited time since the tree mail for the challenge had just arrived so he needed to pay off his extortion quickly and he only had 3 tokens at the moment. Michele used her tokens so she lied and told Tony the advantage she bought with 4 tokens was one she'd get if she got sent to the Edge. But, she was able to convince Jeremy to give him a token. Tony then went to two of his allies from the other alliance, Nick & Ben to help him out too. So, he had 6 tokens and paid off his debt, with 3 people expecting Tony to pay them back if he got any more tokens.

At the immunity challenge, it was simply standing on a small perch, holding up a block with a pole without pushing it off a small tower thing. Kim was the first out quickly. Everyone else moved on further. And eventually, it went down to Ben, Jeremy & Tony. If I was Jeremy in this situation, I would've whispered to Tony to drop and I'd consider it as repayment for helping him. But, he didn't and Jeremy & Ben fell, giving Tony the win and 2 fire tokens.

Before Tribal Council, there were several plans. The first was the obvious, Jeremy's getting some votes. But Jeremy wants Ben gone and he talked with his alliance about doing it. Jeremy just doesn't like Ben anymore. But Kim & Denise don't trust that Tony's on their side. So, they jumped ship and the new plan was a split vote with 2 votes on Michele and the rest vote Jeremy. However, Tony saw his as an opportunity. So, he got Nick and went to Jeremy about those 3 and Michele blindsiding Sophie. Jeremy didn't buy it, not thinking Kim & Denise would jump ship on him. But, Tony begged him to go with it, telling him all about how Kim & Denise flipped but Jeremy didn't buy it. Jeremy just didn't see it but he better believe it or he's going.

At Tribal Council, everyone talked about how calm it was and how nobody really wanted to do anything big after what happened before. However, Jeremy expressed how he saw people were likely telling half-truths. And then the vote happened. And people spoke about how and when to make moves and whether a resume should be full of moves altogether or some moves that made sense for their game. So far, alright, Jeremy or Michele. And then, BOOM. Sophie, 4 votes, Jeremy & Michele listened to Tony. Sophie gets blindsided with an idol in her pocket. What a great blindside. Good work, Tony. Nobody would've thought that would happen.

Overall, wow! This was a great episode of Survivor tonight. I can't wait to see what happens when this war gets ugly, Sarah despises Tony for his actions causing Tony to start spying from the air (he climbs up a tree and hides) and a move against Tony gets made. This is gonna be good.

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