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Starts at 12PM ET on 5/18/23.

Our “Raise Your Voice Threads” are hosted to offer creators more avenues to uncover exceptional stories on Vocal. As we are continuously searching for fresh creators and inspiring stories, this thread provides an opportunity to exchange and discuss the stories that have moved and motivated us on Vocal.

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We'll start the thread:

Check out Aphotic's Claire Voyance. It effectively captures the speaker's intense emotions and vivid sensory experiences, immersing the reader in the moment. The use of imagery, such as the scent of peony perfume and the taste of strawberries and honey, creates a rich and evocative atmosphere that we want to revisit over and over again.

Now it's your turn. Share your favorite stories in the comments below.

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Comments (33)

  • Vikas Bhallabout a year ago

    I write mostly about fiction . I hope you really enjoy my new stories. http://vocal.media/authors/vikas-bhall

  • I write mostly for women (mothers). I write non-fiction about pregnancy, birth, and infant feeding. I really enjoyed this Ode to Women: https://vocal.media/poets/a-poetic-ode-to-women

  • Andrew Rutterabout a year ago

    Hello, I've been dabbling at writing for a while, but now am working on it every day. My stories range from childhood memories to general fiction, some a little macabre. My latest piece is micro-fiction, and I am excited by how it turned out. https://vocal.media/fiction/her-alone I am still looking through stories to find others to follow Thank you for your time and for allowing me to share. Community support means the world to me.

  • Kelsey Clareyabout a year ago

    This week, I really enjoyed this microfiction about the struggle of writing a microfiction: https://vocal.media/fiction/writer-s-block-5xor0k0h

  • Doc Sherwoodabout a year ago

    This week I'd like to recommend my good friend Jay Kantor, and the recommendation carries a guarantee you will love his prose style! Jay writes like nobody else I know, and seldom outside Joyce have I seen the train of thought so accurately represented. His writing flows in the way we think, and abounds with resonant insights and truths. Jay is also one of the best communicators I've met here on Vocal, and we've kept up a cheerful conversation ever since making each other's acquaintance. Here is Jay's rumination on the craft and nature of writing, 'Choice', which I particularly enjoyed and I'm sure you will too! https://vocal.media/humans/choice-ry1lsn0ccr

  • F. Leonora Solomonabout a year ago

    loved Aphotic's Clair Voyance as well! recommending L.C. Schäfer's Coffee https://vocal.media/poets/coffee-2m3q0zvi#comment-722ba98d-ed85-4bc7-b319-908e7a26288d , JBaz's The Sadistic Mr. Fox and love Lola Sense for spotlighting Filthy writers in this piece, https://vocal.media/filthy/5-steamy-stories-i-discovered-this-week-on-vocal !!!

  • L.C. Schäferabout a year ago

    Really enjoyed "Slave to love" from Raymond G. Taylor - and that is really saying something because this type of story doesn't usually resonate with me! https://vocal.media/fiction/slave-to-love?modal=open

  • Stephanie Hoogstadabout a year ago

    It’s Stephanie again. I just read the list of Epistolary challenge winners and wanted to bring attention to Dane BH’s entry. It’s spectacularly written, I can practically feel the bite to it: https://vocal.media/poets/hermione-granger-claps-back.

  • Tiffany Gordon about a year ago

    Really enjoying Mariann Carroll's interview series! Here is her latest:https://vocal.media/interview/chloe-gilholy-21-birthday-interview

  • Testabout a year ago

    So good to see Aphotic's work featured here! One of my favourite Vocal creators. 🖤 I'd like to shout out to Abby Kay Mendonca for this raw and moving piece. https://vocal.media/beat/pain-playlist

  • Hello everyone, I'm Dharrsheena. I mostly write horror stories and dark poetry. I'd like to share this piece by Roy Stevens that resonated very deeply with me 😊 https://vocal.media/humans/when-the-world-doesn-t-want-you

  • L.C. Schäferabout a year ago

    Oops, nearly didn't introduce myself. I write short stories and the odd article here and there. Sometimes I'll do a poem if a challenge tickles my fancy bone. I enjoy dabbling in dystopia, sci fi, fantasy, and reworked fairytales.

  • Earica (EP) Parrishabout a year ago

    Hi there! My name is EP and I'm a creative multi-hyphenate who writes poetry, prose and provides thoughts and reflections on art and pop culture. I recently came across Ava Mack's poem 'A Little City Music' as I was looking around at some of the submissions for the now-closed 'Sensational' poetry challenge. It was beautifully written! I love when you can really hear the words on the page, and as both a writer and audiophile in general it brought me a lot of joy reading it. I also felt like I was immersed in the hustle and bustle of the New York City streets. I'll leave the link here: https://vocal.media/poets/a-little-city-music

  • Caroline Janeabout a year ago

    Hello 👋 Doing this on my phone so I can only do 1 link at a time. Apologies for clunkiness! Anyway.... this poem has stayed with me since I read it. The search for creative affirmation is succinctly and poetically expressed. https://vocal.media/poets/dear-reader-ix7v0wrf

  • Tiffany Gordon about a year ago

    I am very impressed with Ms. Novel Allen's work. it is always quirky, fun and beautifully executed! The piece she wrote on Jamaica made me want to book a flight!https://vocal.media/poets/my-tiny-island-homeland I also really enjoyed these two pieces! They really highlight her versatility! https://vocal.media/fiction/intelligence-measured-and-meted-out#comment-8bfcbdad-ee04-4325-b43d-499059fa5876 https://vocal.media/fiction/judgement-day-4zhe0knc#comment-7e1f5bbd-38ff-445e-9637-fba3a4678ae4

  • Rick Henry Christopher about a year ago

    I am sharing the following story, because I strongly believe in supporting those that support me and it's very well written. Thank you Jason Basaraba (JBaz) for the support. https://vocal.media/fiction/say-no-more-qlb103ht

  • Rick Henry Christopher about a year ago

    ARC is a diverse writer named Tony. He delves into varying categories such as poetry, fiction, futurism, journal, and so forth. He usually uses some form of personal experience in what he writes. I really enjoyed his article: Comprehension ≠ Embodiment This well written article discusses the difference between knowing about something and actually learning how to do that something. https://vocal.media/humans/comprehension-embodiment ARC's story The Tesla Gambit was a runner-up in the Time Traveler challenge. https://vocal.media/futurism/the-tesla-gambit

  • Loryne Andaweyabout a year ago

    Hi! It's Loryne again. I would also like to give a warm shout out to Mohammad Darasi. I remember taking a break from writing microfiction and stumbled onto this contemplative piece. It makes you really wonder where humanity is going, if we are truly evolving or if we are interfering in our own progression. https://vocal.media/humans/are-we-gods-in-our-own-right

  • C. H. Richardabout a year ago

    This poem by TheInvisibleWriter speaks about all that is disappearing from the world including us. https://vocal.media/poets/dear-world-dk1g7008d

  • Paul Stewartabout a year ago

    Okay, Paul again. Hot off the press! Just read Lamar Wiggins newest piece and it's worth highlighting here - echoes of an all-too-common reality in he world right now. https://vocal.media/fiction/reasons-dx4t03rs

  • Matthew Frommabout a year ago

    Matt here and I focus on fiction and the occasional poem. This wonderful piece by Aphotic has been my favorite story of the week: https://vocal.media/authors/aphotic. Amazingly dense with such a short leash, it's a story of simple elegance that nails the author's voice and medium. While you peruse, my favorite publication on my page is my first one here: https://vocal.media/fiction/prologue-the-scourge. High fantasy forever!

  • Mohammed Darasiabout a year ago

    Mohammed here. I write fiction, and some hopefully thought provoking articles every now and then.. and also poetry (which I think is probably my favourite thing to write as of recently).. I wanted to share one of Loryne's microfiction stories. It really resonated with me because it highlighted an unfortunate reality of the modern world: https://vocal.media/fiction/what-will-they-see-nn231022u

  • Loryne Andaweyabout a year ago

    Loryne again. I would also like to give a shout out to the talented Stephanie Hoogstad. Her most recent microfiction piece is both hilarious and filled with the IDGAF energy that one grandma/grandpa has that you may know of. Piss, vinegar and fire! https://vocal.media/fiction/the-phoenix-dzbq01f6

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