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Dear Reader

Who is the writer?

By Sonia Heidi UnruhPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
photo: Pixabay

When you read this poem,

please tell me

you think it is profound,

that it pierces you with beauty

and stirs your soul with longing.

When you read my words,

let the spaces between

be your wondering about me.

Let the cadence

be our dance,

our flirtation,

your temptation

to peek under my mask

And whirl me to yourself.

Please celebrate my existence

and destine me for greatness

Please write me well,

when you read this poem.

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Sonia Heidi Unruh

I love: my husband and children; all who claim me as family or friend; the first bite of chocolate; the last blue before sunset; solving puzzles; stroking cats; finding myself by writing; losing myself in reading; the Creator who is love.

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  • The Dani Writer6 months ago

    This poem has such a unique perspective/perception!

  • Oh wow this was like the poem was interviewing you

  • Donna Renee6 months ago

    This is so unique and mysterious! ❤️

  • Write me well...so very hopeful and dreamy

  • Caroline Jane7 months ago

    Interesting ... the subtext of all poetry communication as a poem. This will stay with me.

  • Novel Allen7 months ago

    Self love, bold, owning oneself. I absolutely get the vibe, loving it.

  • Okay, so now I'm tearing up again. Is there anyone who doesn't hold this longing in their heart, the strings of which vibrate with every word, phrase & line? It there is, I'm not sure I want to meet them. Making connections with others is already difficult for me. I can't imagine how hard it would be with someone who has never felt any kind of insecurity or uncertainty over their place in this world. Absolutely poignant & beautiful. It's what I'd like to have for my obituary.

  • Ward Norcutt7 months ago

    Sonia, this is quite wonderful. I especiallyt like how it reaches beyond itself.

  • Paul Stewart7 months ago

    oooh! Really like this one! clever, fun to read and thought-provoking!

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