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5 Steamy Stories I Discovered This Week on Vocal

A curated list of erotic fiction stories I loved

By Lola SensePublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
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5 Steamy Stories I Discovered This Week on Vocal
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As some of you may already know, I am Lola, a writer of erotic fiction and poetry. I love the Vocal platform and want to give back to the community in my own way.

That's why this week, I dove deep into Vocal's Filthy community to discover 5 pieces of erotic fiction that you might have missed but that will surely spice up your reading list!

These writers are talented and passionate, so it is with the utmost enthusiasm that I aim to bring attention to their creations, especially in a genre that is often stigmatized.

My intention is to champion their voices and shed a radiant light on their pieces. Let us come together to ensure that their contributions to the erotic genre receive some well-deserved recognition!

1. Confronted by Vitoria Wade

This is a well-written, steamy story sprinkled with unexpected twists that will keep you reading till the end.

The main character had been lusting for his boss, Charlotte, for a while now. Today, his dream finally comes true, but their sensual encounter at work is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

As an erotica writer myself, I really resonate with Vitoria's intro:

Writing erotic fiction has helped me explore myself on a deeper level. Being able to expand on desires and enabling me to see my true desires in another light. - Vitoria Wade

2. The Forbidden Temptation by Jude Smith

In the midst of a workplace filled with rules and potential consequences, the protagonist finds herself irresistibly drawn to her hot coworker, Jack.

One fateful Friday afternoon, the office empties out, leaving only the protagonist and Jack behind. Will it all have been worth it? Are they going to be caught and reported to HR? Read the story to find out!

Jude is a new writer on Vocal, but I sure hope she'll keep on writing!

3. A Satisfying Massage by Godsave Emmanuel

Sarah is confronted with a dilemma on her very first day on the job at a massage parlor. Her hands gliding skillfully on Jake's body transport him into a world of bliss.

In the realm of sensation and desire, boundaries blur, and they find themselves navigating uncharted territory.

4. Kaci Gets It On by Karen LaRue

In a daring move, Felix approaches Kaci in the parking lot of a Walmart. Their mutual attraction and little regard for "societal conventions" made Kaci decide to join him in his van.

"Her cleavage spilled out in a way that was just short of getting her arrested in this Tennessee town."

If you're into fantasies about hooking up with strangers and (slightly) public sex, you're going to love this story. Karen LaRue's style is direct and confident, leaving little room for doubt or second-guessing.

5. Homecoming (Part III) by Mary Magenta

The story begins with the protagonist, Mary, spilling the details of her recent trysts, met with her friend's disapproval. Yet, the lingering presence of Adam, her friend's brother, haunted her thoughts.

In the midst of a complicated love life, Mary ends up having a steamy encounter with Nathan just outside her house, risking being seen by her father and his guests. One of my favorite parts:

Soon I felt his body coming up and touching mine from behind, I crossed my arms, tighter with each closer breath of his. I felt his fingers on my thighs sliding up under my skirt at a glacial pace. - Mary Magenta

For more context, read Parts I and II.

. . .

I hope you enjoyed this curated list of erotic fiction! Let me know which story was your favorite, and don't forget to support the writers by liking, commenting, and subscribing to be notified when they publish a new piece!

And since you're already here, why not check out some of my stories in the genre?


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  • M. about a year ago

    Hello fellow reader! Give my story a read:

  • Naomi Goldabout a year ago

    “Samira Gets Pounded by a Stranger” is one of my favorite erotic stories I’ve read. ❤️ I’ll be sure to check out these other stories when I’m alone in my room. ☺️

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