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"Wrap Your Eye and See The Poison Version of You"

A serenity is here, a cruelty is there. Who are you, actually?

By CosmicClipPublished 11 months ago โ€ข 5 min read

In the quiet of your study, you sat hunched over your laptop, fingers tapping impatiently on the keys. A thick cloud of frustration hung in the air, your mind trapped in a suffocating cage of writer's block. The weight of your own expectations bore down on you, pushing you to the edge of your sanity.

As the evening sun faded, you gazed out the window, seeking solace in the fading light. Your search for inspiration had led you to the far corners of your mind, leaving you grasping at shadows. Desperation clawed at your throat, and you reached out to friends and family, begging for ideas to set your imagination alight.

A sinister idea whispered to you through the words of a close friend. They spoke of a website, hidden in the darkest recesses of the internet, a repository of tales that dared not be spoken. The stories were unlike anything you had ever encountered, weaving nightmares that slithered beneath the skin. You hesitated, repulsed, and intrigued in equal measure.

With trembling fingers, you typed in the address, and the website materialized before you. The tales were a kaleidoscope of horrors, twisted fantasies that crawled through your consciousness like parasites. Each narrative twisted your perception, testing the limits of your own darkness. You dared to imagine the unimaginable, to conjure monsters from the shadows of your mind.

One story, in particular, caught your attention. It promised a glimpse into the very depths of human depravity, a tale so unsettling it could only be witnessed firsthand. The website urged you to visit a specific location, an isolated mansion perched on the edge of a cliff, where the line between reality and nightmare blurred.

Driven by a morbid curiosity, you embarked on the journey. The mansion loomed before you, a crumbling monolith that seemed to breathe with a life of its own. The air was thick with unease, a tangible dread that settled like a shroud over the landscape. The mansion's walls whispered secrets, and as you ventured deeper, you encountered others who had been drawn into this sinister web.

But there was something profoundly wrong. The people around you moved as if marionettes on invisible strings, their gazes vacant and their smiles unsettlingly perfect. You tried to speak, to touch, but your actions were met with eerie silence. The people were trapped in a loop of their own making, reliving their darkest moments on an endless tapestry of torment.

As you looked into their eyes, their stories unfolded before you, a mosaic of misery and suffering. Broken families, tragic betrayals, and lives mired in a relentless cycle of pain. The air resonated with their mournful cries, and the mansion seemed to feed on their anguish, growing stronger with each passing moment.

Their voices melded into a haunting chant, "You are the harbinger of despair, the weaver of nightmares." Their whispers burrowed into your mind, a chorus of torment that shattered your sanity. Panic surged through your veins as you realized the horrifying truth โ€“ the mansion fed off your fear, your despair, and your darkest thoughts.

The others drew closer, their movements mechanical and purposeful. "Our torment is your creation," they intoned, their voices a symphony of malevolence. "You have crafted our agony, and now, you shall suffer as we have suffered." Their eyes glowed with an otherworldly light, and the walls of the mansion seemed to pulse with a malefic energy.

In a rush of terror, you tried to flee, but the mansion's walls shifted, trapping you within its clutches. Your heart pounded in your chest, the weight of your own guilt bearing down on you. The room grew darker, the air colder, as the mansion prepared to exact its vengeance.

And then, as if from the abyss itself, a figure emerged behind you. It was a grotesque manifestation of your own fears and insecurities, a creature borne from the depths of your imagination. Its touch was like ice, searing through your flesh, as it whispered promises of eternal suffering.

As your vision blurred, the mansion seemed to devour your very essence, pulling you into a nightmarish void. Your screams echoed through the darkness, a symphony of despair that resonated within the mansion's walls.

Suddenly, you jerked awake, your body covered in a cold sweat. The sterile environment of the hospital room greeted your terrified gaze. The pain in your head was real, a reminder of the tragedy that had befallen you. But the mansion, the people, the nightmare โ€“ they were all a twisted creation of your tortured mind.

As you lay in the dim light, a realization dawned upon you. The darkness you had encountered was not just a product of your imagination; it was a reflection of the fears that lurked within the hearts of all humanity. The mansion was a metaphor for the abyss of human consciousness, a place where nightmares took shape and reality became distorted.

In the aftermath of your ordeal, you emerged changed, the experience etched into your very soul. You understood that creativity was a double-edged sword, capable of birthing both beauty and horror. The boundaries between reality and fiction were fragile, and your journey had been a descent into the abyss of your own mind.

As you reconnected with your best friend, the one who had recommended the website, a shiver of doubt crept into your mind. Their intentions had seemed benign, but now, a shadow of suspicion lingered. Was it mere coincidence that they had led you to the website, or was there a darker motive hidden beneath their seemingly innocent suggestion?

The lines between trust and suspicion blurred, leaving you with an unsettling uncertainty. The journey you had undertaken had taught you that the human mind was a realm of limitless potential, both awe-inspiring and terrifying. And as you grappled with the enigma of your friend's intentions, you realized that the darkness you had encountered was not confined to the realm of fiction; it was a reflection of the complex and often unfathomable nature of the human psyche.

"In the depths of our minds, lies the power to create worlds of wonder and terror alike. But beware, for in exploring the unknown, we may awaken the darkest corners of our own souls."

*Here, all the ingredients are here. Please, choose and take one. Take it with yourself, and feel what hatred you emerge ...... hehehe......," said me. "I am unseen, be my servant, foolish!"

*Keep sleeping, please! I want you to be my friend. Oh, cursed friend!"

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