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A Finger Means A Cursed Story

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By CosmicClipPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

In the dim light of your study, you sat before your laptop, fingers poised above the keyboard, a cursor blinking on a blank page. You were on the cusp of crafting a new story, one that would captivate readers with its uniqueness and eerie allure. But tonight, your imagination seemed to have deserted you. You were stuck, adrift in a sea of half-formed ideas.

Frustration gnawed at your mind, and you decided to seek inspiration from those around you. You reached out to friends and family, hoping their perspectives might ignite the spark of creativity within you. You ventured to quaint cafes and secluded parks, hoping the ambiance would coax your ideas to life. But the more you tried, the more the darkness of your writer's block seemed to tighten its grip.

It was during this struggle that a friend mentioned a website, a haven of darkness and disturbing ideas. At first, you hesitated, but curiosity got the better of you. The website was a rabbit hole into a realm of twisted imagination. The ideas were macabre, unsettling, and unlike anything you'd encountered before. They sent shivers down your spine, but amidst the discomfort, a thrill blossomed within you. Could these unnerving concepts be the key to breaking your creative drought?

Driven by an insatiable urge to explore the depths of your own psyche, you decided to follow the website's recommendation. It led you to a remote place, a quiet town cloaked in mist. The streets were lined with ancient trees that whispered secrets, and the people around you moved with an eerie grace. However, something was amiss. Despite being surrounded by others, you felt a strange emptiness, as though your presence was inconsequential.

You tried to interact, to touch, to speak, but your attempts were in vain. Those around you gazed blankly, their faces void of recognition. Then, the unsettling occurred. You began to see the stories of their lives, a tapestry of despair and darkness. Broken families, twisted fates, and the tendrils of malevolence weaving through each narrative. You were a voyeur to their anguish, unable to tear your eyes away from their misery.

The people spoke, their voices laced with sorrow and bitterness. "You don't have to be a writer," they chanted, their words an eerie chorus. "You only need to be a psychopath." Their gaze bore into you, accusing, condemning. Panic clawed at your throat, rendering you motionless. "Our children are destroyed by you. Your mind is cursed, your ideas are poison."

As they drew closer, the darkness intensified. Their intentions were palpable, a miasma of hatred and vengeance. They circled you, their steps synchronized with your accelerating heartbeat. Tears streamed down your face as you cried out, "Why won't you just die?" Their laughter reverberated, a symphony of malevolence. "We are dead. It's your turn. Be gone as you did to us!"

The world plunged into shadow, and your own manifestations confronted you. The darkest corners of your consciousness spilled forth, accusing you of your most heinous thoughts. And then, your hands... your hands rotted away. The pain was excruciating, the black blood dripping from your severed limbs. The darkness had consumed you, both from within and without.

A shadow descended, enveloping you in its embrace. You were blinded, your body wracked with agony. For a torturous minute, the pain writhed through your every fiber, until...

You woke up, gasping for air, drenched in sweat. The sterile environment of the hospital room greeted your frantic gaze. You touched your head, feeling the bandages that covered the injury. The nightmare had been real, and the grotesque vision of your own creation haunted your thoughts.

With trembling hands, you clutched the realization that had taken root in the depths of your mind. You were pushing yourself too hard, ignoring your own limitations. The tragedy that had brought you to this hospital bed was a result of your obsession, your unwillingness to pause and rest.

In the aftermath of your brush with the abyss, you reevaluated your path. The pursuit of creativity should never come at the cost of your well-being. You realized that you had to embrace your own boundaries, to nurture your mind rather than push it to the brink. The nightmare was a harsh lesson, but it was also a wake-up call.

And then, the plot twisted once more. As you shared your ordeal with a close friend, they stared at you with an odd mix of guilt and unease. Slowly, you pieced together their role in your torment. It was your friend who had recommended the website, who had set you on the path to darkness. The very same friend who had aided you in your writing journey, who had supported and uplifted you.

The revelation was disorienting. Yet, as you delved deeper, you uncovered their motives. They had seen the toll your ambition was taking on you, and in their misguided concern, they sought to protect you from your own destructive tendencies. Their intentions were twisted by their fear for you, leading them down a path of manipulation and deceit.

Your best friend's intentions remained enigmatic. Had they truly intended harm, or were their actions misguided attempts at safeguarding your well-being? The lines between friend and foe blurred, leaving you with a lingering sense of unease. You were left to grapple with the complexity of human motivations, the duality of good and evil that resided within us all.

In the end, your journey as a writer was not only about crafting stories but also about navigating the treacherous waters of your own psyche. It was a reflection of the human experience – the darkness and light that coexisted within us. And as you stared into the abyss of your own creation, you knew that true creativity came not from ignoring one's limitations, but from embracing them as a part of the intricate tapestry of life.

"Creativity knows no bounds, yet within those bounds, we find our truest expressions."

Tick tick tick ..... waaa!!!! (laughed out loud)

I really miss the voice, oh I can feel it. I am very happy and satisfied. The concept, the effect, the hurt, oh it's one. Don't you even realize it? Yes, you're my doll...." said me.


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