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Mother is my support

Mother is my support: A true story

By Umar Farid Published 4 months ago 3 min read
Mother is my support
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Ami was suddenly attacked by an unknown disease, she was suffering from severe pain day and night

Things like witchcraft and amulets etc. are becoming a scourge in our society. People are ruining their lives by getting caught in the clutches of these evil practitioners. No one in our house has ever imagined amulets etc. Nor did we believe in such things. But the events that happened to our family and the way we saw our house turned from a model of heaven into a center of suffering, have made us think a lot.
And it seems that the dark-hearted people of the black ops world are and are resorting to these dirty tactics to destroy homes.
Mother loved her brother's daughters more than us daughters.
Love gave more importance to them than their time. But these same brothers of Ami along with their daughters took Ami's life. The story is very long and sad but I will narrate it briefly so that with me Don't cry after reading this story of mine.

My parents got my brothers married because we sisters were much younger than our brothers. We sisters and mother Abu respected our sisters-in-law a lot. Even luxury and every little wish was fulfilled. The act would be covered. Every mistake and wrong thing would be forgiven. Ami Abu would scold us in front of them and sometimes they would get more angry that they are sisters-in-law, obey them.
Do whatever work you want. We sisters did all their work with a clean heart and mind. When they had children, all of us in the family were very happy that there was a lot of joy in the house. Later she fell ill and became so ill that she was confined to bed. We didn't know if this amulet thread was a witchcraft. When the people of the neighborhood came to our house to ask about my mother's condition, they would say, ``The amulet has fallen on my sister.''
But we still did not believe that we were not familiar with these things.
For 5 years, we kept taking mother to the same doctors in cold, heat, rain and sun. We treated mother one by one day and night. Mother's health would deteriorate when she came to meet him. Uncle's daughter's relationship was forcibly fixed with her brother.
The uncle did something to the mother that the mother, who was able to walk a little, then remained bedridden. Whenever the women of the neighborhood came to ask about the condition of the mother and then she said the same thing, son, your mother has become an amulet. Ami stopped eating and drinking and cried to give me food. They gave nothing but porridge to Ami. The journey of Ami's illness continued like this.
After that, my uncle made amulets on us sisters and we got sick. Well, the journey of our illness continued like this and is still going on. We were talking about our brothers' children. Loved. We respected and loved our brothers more than ourselves. But they started filling the ears of our brothers that we should not be given what we got in the house.
Although whatever came to the house, they would give more and first to their children. Then the brothers would start fighting with us and take their rights. Mother's health would deteriorate and she would have to be taken to the doctor. Mom used to tell us to be quiet. We almost kept her word for ten years that to be quiet is to be patient. But the brothers kept the whole house on their heads.
For ten years there were fights day and night. But still we did not say anything so that the brothers would not get angry.
Then after some time, our Abu was subjected to a severe treatment. Abu was given amulets, but Allah had given him life and Abu was saved. However, similar amulets were also performed on uncle and aunt. Chachi suffered from disability and is currently admitted in a hospital in Lahore.

Then after three years, a plan was made to kill Ami. Although Ami Abu never wished any harm, never hurt anyone. Ami suddenly fell ill with an unknown disease. She was in agony every moment. She was dying inside. And one day she left all of us and went to meet the real creator.
I wrote the story very short because I told you at the beginning that if the story was long and tear-jerking, I would have cried myself while narrating and you would have cried while reading it. That's why I I thought the story should be kept short. I only request you to pray for my mother so that she finds peace in her grave. May Allah grant her a high place in Jannat al-Firdous. Amen.

A True Story

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