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True story

By Umar Farid Published 3 months ago 4 min read
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Poverty makes a person so forced and selfish that he can't help others even if he wants to and even if he tries hard to hide his reality, regret and shame becomes his destiny.

Poverty makes a person so forced and selfish that he can't help others even if he wants to and even if he tries hard to hide his reality, regret and shame becomes his destiny. This incident is also a mirror of this reality. Dar. I am tired of thinking and thinking, but I do not understand anything.... Some things, people say in such a way that do not have any meaning, now on the phone Nasira (first cousin) The water in the house cried that today it has been four days, the water is not coming, so I said the same Brisbel Tazkira, come to our house, (it definitely did not mean that he should come to my house).

"Mian sir is coming late from the office, how will you come, I have a habit of taking a bath every day, I am so worried about Iman that I can't tell you."
He missed more problems.
"Oops, come by rickshaw, how far is it from home, it's only one block away."
"No Apa, where do you leave the house with small children? If there was an elderly person in the house, then they would have really taken care of the children.

"Yes, that's the point." I was happily saying yes to yes, anyway, what was my concern, surely there was no water in his house for the whole year, my call. Now I called and went to bed. Laeti was watching the newspaper when the children shouted that Nasira aunty had come.
"Hey, how did it come? I just called and dealt with it, even though it came." I was getting angry at the children's lies.
But she was really shocked to see Nasira in front of her, she came inside laughing with a pair of her clothes in her hand.
"It was only after calling you that mom and baji came, then I sat them down and came immediately, the rickshaw was also found immediately."
"Sit down." I hurried over, fixed the broken bathroom faucet, opened the closed shower with needles, donned the grease, washed with the surf.
Find the tracks, tie the broken faucet with a cloth, after dealing with this emergency in minutes, I said to Nasira, "Go and take a bath first."
I knew that she would ask for a towel after taking a bath, and this request always annoys me. I don't know who invented it. No matter how many I buy, she never gives them together. Nasira was sent to the bathroom and searched all the cupboards for a towel, but it was missing like a horn from a donkey's head.
"Mommy, the towel is nowhere to be found." All the children, individually, were shaking their heads in denial, as if they had never seen the shape of a towel.
"In the morning, your father, with whom you went to clean your shoes, find him."
"Your uncle must have polished his car with a towel as usual, where is that towel?"
In the morning, the spilled tea on the dining table was also cleaned with a towel, that too was not visible.
"Allah Bhabhi, I had tied all those dirty towels in dirty clothes, today Dhuban will come, won't I." My little Nand, seeing this emergency situation, brought a distant whip.
"Okay, take out a clean towel from the dirty clothes, what will I give if Nasra takes a bath and asks for a towel?" It was found that Nasira came out without taking a bath.

"Hey, why don't you take a bath?" I said, hiding my inner shock so that he wouldn't read the difficulties of finding a towel from my face.
"Hey dad, bathing in your bathroom is a big heart and kidney task, the door opened on its own with a jerk, when I tried to put a stick, it came in my hand, when I opened the tap, another tap opened, very difficult. He turned off the tap by punching his dupatta.
"'Nasra's face showed signs of regret as if these losses had come into being because of her.
"Come on, there is no problem, but you take a bath full of buckets." I said while wiping the sweat from my face.
"Perhaps she would have taken a bath, but as soon as I sat on the track, it broke off. I have gained a lot of weight, haven't I."
She was shyly not making eye contact (and I was laughing in my heart that I had glued the toe of the broken track with baby bubble gum).
"I'll just walk now." She laughed shyly and kept fifty notes in the children's hands while walking that she couldn't bring anything in a hurry.
And I am thinking after she left that knowing all this situation, she was not given money to repair the broken things.

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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Your writing is simply amazing.

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