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Lessons I've Learned From Gut Health Problem. This is my Story.

My Digestive Issue From Asia to Europe

By Jazmin FernandezPublished about a year ago 4 min read


I had a bad gut or digestive problem when I came to Europe way back in 2010 and I'm from Asia this weight loss journey affects my life and my gut problem. This is my story.

By Oscar Daniel Rangel on Unsplash

I was eager to begin a new chapter in my life when I first traveled to Europe in 2010 from Asia. I was excited to see the world and meet new people now that I had a job as a health worker. My joy was short-lived, though, as soon as I began to have stomach problems, after 3 years of stay I noticed as time passed, the severity of this ailments increased. I frequently had cramps, diarrhea, and bloating, which made it difficult for me to take in my new surroundings.

Even though I made an effort to ignore this symptoms and carry on, nonetheless interfered with my regular activities. I struggled to focus at work, and I frequently had to reschedule plans with my friends due to illness. I also saw that, despite being active and adhering to a generally healthy diet, My weight had increased since arriving in Europe.

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I made the decision to get treatment because I was depressed and frustrated. I saw a number of doctors and conducted a number of tests, but no one was able to determine the precise reason of my illness. Several medical professionals speculated that I might have a food sensitivity or intolerance, while others speculated that I might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

No matter what diets and exercise I tried, nothing appeared to be effective. I began to feel hopeless since I felt like I had to fight my body all the time. My digestive issues had a negative impact on both my physical and mental well-being.

It happened to come into a support group for those with intestinal problems on group of people. I was first apprehensive to participate, but I made the decision to give it a shot. Finally I felt like I wasn't alone because the group was full with members who shared their challenges and experiences.

I discovered the association between gut health and weight loss through the support group and I'm taking Probiotics a miracle supplements. I learned that fixing my gut health may be able to prevent more weight gain caused by my stomach issues aid in my weight loss.

I made the decision to take control of my digestive system. In order to create a specialized eating strategy that would support both my gut health and weight loss objectives,

The modifications were difficult at first. I was forced to give up some of my favorite foods and learn how to prepare new meals that were easy on my stomach. I also had to keep my new diet, Intermittent Fasting (IF) a new way of eating.

I though, eventually became aware of a distinction. I started to lose weight, and my stomach issues lessened. I felt more energized and secure in my own skin. Without the continual interruption of my digestive issues, I even began to enjoy traveling throughout Europe once more.

Although my effort to lose weight wasn't simple, it did teach me some important lessons. I discovered the value of getting medical attention, creating a support network, and being proactive with regard to my health. I also discovered that successful weight loss involves perseverance, patience, and a willingness to alter one's lifestyle.

I'm still working toward my weight loss objectives now, but I feels more in charge of my life and health. I appreciative of the help I received from my family and the support group and hopes to one day assist others who are battling gastrointestinal issues and weight loss.

By julien Tromeur on Unsplash

My experience with weight loss and digestive issues serves as a reminder of the difficulties that many people encounter with regard to their health. It is critical to seek medical attention and collaborate with healthcare specialists to address health concerns. This struggle to discover a diagnosis and practical treatment alternatives serves as a reminder of mine.

My weight loss journey serves as a reminder that long-term weight loss requires a commitment to making healthy lifestyle adjustments rather than fad diets or fast cures. I was able to make long-lasting changes that not only enhanced my gut health but also caused weight loss and an overall improvement in my quality of life by focusing my gut health and working with a certified dietitian to create a personalized eating plan.

By Brooke Lark on Unsplash

In general, I never gave up on my health and well-being in the face of obstacles and difficulties. My experience is proof of the value of asking for assistance, receiving support, and making healthy adjustments in life.

My dear beautiful people, prioritize your gut health by eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources. Consider incorporating probiotics and other gut-supporting supplements into your diet, and avoid processed foods, added sugars, and excessive alcohol consumption.

Read my Ebooks for Free now available for the first 5 people, grab it now! If you want to speed up your weight loss journey by taking care of your gut health, you can improve your overall health and potentially even support weight loss efforts.

Thanks for taking time to read my story. Lots of Love and Care. -Jazmin Fernandez :)

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