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The Little Snakes On My Plate

By Carol TownendPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Krista Stucchio on Unsplash

I really want to eat it. That wonderful orange squiggly stuff on my plate, but I just can't do it!

When my friends think about spaghetti, they think of tasty, tangy, spicy stuff that is just waiting to be devoured.

But no, not me!

I think of pretty colored baby snakes sliding on my plate, and I like baby snakes too much to eat them!

I have a friend who can't eat spaghetti. She tells me it's like eating a can of worms!

Yuk! I hope she has never tasted worms! If she hasn't, then how does she know what spaghetti tastes like?

Just for the record; I detest the little squiggly creatures, but I'd never eat one. They do have their benefits though, because they nourish the soil in my garden which makes pretty flowers grow;

Though they are slimy, disgusting creatures, and I can't stand looking at them!

I can't stand looking at my spaghetti either, because I want to eat it; but I really don't want to be cruel and eat baby snakes!

"Change your focus, Carol!" My friend tells me.

I can't do it!

These pretty little orange snakes deserve to live like us human beings.

By Josephina Kolpachnikof on Unsplash

I'm not delusional, I know it's just spaghetti!

Those food companies have a bad habit of getting inside my head. They tend to make food look like little animals.

My mum once bought some spaghetti pasta shapes from the superstore, and she tried serving me them for tea. They were shaped like animals and insects, and I just could not eat them!

By Frederic Köberl on Unsplash

I know that it is only pasta, but pasta shaped like an animal makes me feel like I am eating them!

I hate that!

Many think it's crazy!

Maybe it is, but I wouldn't like someone to cut a shape out of me and eat me up, I still want to live!

Anyway my friend won't stop laughing at me, as she sits there and watches me try to clear the snakes off my plate before I eat my food, but I'd rather dip my bread in the sauce before eating those poor snakes.

"Carol, they are not real snakes! They aren't even thick enough to be snakes!" my mum and my friend chorus, shaking their heads.

But no, I must refrain; because in my mind, they still look like pretty little orange snakes.

"mmmm!" my friend mumbles happily while she shovels a fork full of spaghetti in her mouth.

I cover my eyes with disgust,

"How can she eat them, poor creatures?"

My mum decides to read the entire food label on the back of the spaghetti tin, as a way of convincing me that they are not real snakes.

I shake my head and screw up my nose.

"I am not eating them!" I tell my mum while putting every snake I find in a jar with every intention of releasing them later.

I butter two slices of bread and start dipping them in my sauce.

"You're eating snake poo!" my friend tells me while giggling her head off.

"Its not snake poo, you twerp! It's tomato sauce." I throw back at her.

"You said there were snakes on your plate; therefore, you're eating snake poo!" she tells me in a triumphant voice.

I decide she is right, so I scrape my plate into the bin and decide to create a cheese sandwich.

"Cheese can talk too," she tells me.

I still have snakes on my mind, and instead of eating my cheese sandwich; I spend the next two hours figuring out whether cheese can really talk!

This is a warning: If you invite me to dinner, never make me spaghetti, and don't even bother to serve me my favorite food, which is;


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  • Jay Kantor4 months ago

    H-C ~ Whew didja open up a can-of-worms. How does this nursery rhyme go? 1st you bite the head off~then you bite the tail off then squiggle while you squirm ...? Put some 'Ketchup' over them ~ Dinners Disguise ~ 'j' Jay Kantor, Vocal Village Community

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