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Get Yo' Kids

A Very Logical Solution To Today's World

By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 8 months ago 7 min read

This comedy series will display a cast of six friends who are professionals working in different careers. All are single, have no children, and are aged 26-28. There are 3 males and 3 females. Their professions are doctor (Malik), lawyer (Carter), teacher (Jabriel), construction worker (Jimmy), bus driver (Yolanda), and an author of children’s books (Sasha). Although an interesting bunch of old high school friends, they don’t let it stop them from making time for one another. Every Friday after work, they all meet for dinner and drinks to revive their personal lives after a disastrous week. The stories they tell are full of outrageous events, fun, work, and most importantly their encounters with “kids.”

On the first episode Malik, the doctor, rushes to care for an eighteen-month-old baby whose nose won’t stop bleeding, paired with a body odor that will knock you to the floor. When examining the nostrils his team of doctors clear the blood and notice the airways are blocked. They must use a suction to abstract whatever is blocking the airways. What they find in the nose explains the odor and gasps. There appeared to be small pieces of paper, tissue, old food, and other forms of trash stuffed in her nose. A rare and odd case, the doctors questioned the parents as to how this could have happened. Both were baffled until they remembered the baby’s play pin was next to their dresser where they keep those items and more. They claimed the toddler must have stuffed her nose when they weren’t looking. The doctor then questions the parents on if they knew why their toddler would stuff items in her nose, the parents (embarrassed) point their fingers at one another stating, “That’s your child.” The other responds by saying, but she has your brains!” “Oh yea. Well, she has your nose!” And the fight continues. (Get Yo Kids! And in this case, get the parents too.)

Carter, the defense attorney experiences a case where she is defending a sixteen-year-old boy after being charged with distributing large amounts of marijuana to his schoolmates. The drugs were found in his locker along with a gun. The boy refuses to take a guilty plea professing his innocence to everyone. His defense is that although he was assigned the locker, he didn’t use it, nor did he have access to it. While on the stand, the teenager further explains he hadn’t attended school in the past three months and that his twin brother, Caden, uses it. His mother becomes embarrassed and yells out to him in the courtroom, “But you don’t have a twin brother! (Sucks her teeth.) I’m paying all this money for a lawyer, and you can’t even lie right!” (Get Yo’ Kids! And in this case, get the mom too.)

The teacher obviously works with kids Monday-Friday. He’s been teaching for seven years and has seen the dynamics of classroom behavior and discipline change drastically. His frustration with the system is apparent throughout the entire season, but that does not interfere with his work ethic or employee recognition. The fact is Jabriel’s presence within the school is very beneficial. One day Jabriel’s 4th grade class decides they are going to prank him. One of the things that gets under Mr. Jabriel’s skin is when the children walk into the classroom late. The episode shows the children discussing Mr. Jabriel’s disdain for lateness, and them all deciding to be on time. All are present except for one student (which is odd because this student is always prompt). Class is not scheduled to start until a few minutes. Elated at the attendance and waiting for the bell to ring to begin class, Mr. Jabriel receives a knock on the door. When Mr. Jabriel walks over and tries to open the door, his hand slips off the knob. Without thinking he tries again and again to open the door, but his hands keep slipping off the knob. Baffled and confused, Mr. Jabriel is adamant to open the door, as he suspects it is the last student, and does not want her to be late. By this time the students in the classroom are laughing and the one outside the door is banging and screaming “Let me in, let me in! The bell is going to ring! Twenty seconds pass by of banging, screaming, turning of the knob, and the hand slipping, before the banging suddenly stops, the knob turns from the opposite side, and the student enters the classroom. She is laughing hysterically with the rest of her classmates too. Mr. Jabriel looks down at the knob and notices the smudged shine of Vaseline. The bell then rings. It finally dawns on Mr. Jabriel he’s been pranked. (Get Yo’ Kids!)

Jimmy the construction worker’s encounter with kids is a little different. Although he does not work around them, all kinds of people pass him within the hours of his shift. On the first episode he is drilling a hole in the street with other construction workers. His coworkers are directing traffic and are slowing down cars as they pass the site. Without warning, a kid sticks his head out the window and throws up the good finger. “Hey, aren’t you friends with his mom?” says one of the construction workers. The other responds “Yea. And he thinks we’re seeing each other.” The construction workers all shake their heads, and without warning a cup of iced-Starbucks coffee misses the intended target, and splashes all over poor innocent Jimmy’s face. He never saw it coming. Never got a warning. (Get Yo’ Kids! And in this case get the parents too.)

Yolanda the bus driver drives the 8-4pm shift. She usually drops off some professionals to work and a bus load of children to school. The children are typically children: rowdy, loud, obnoxious, disruptive, difficult, and disrespectful. Anyways, after yelling for the kids to stop hanging from the poles, Yolanda finally threatens to park the bus and not move until they get down. The kids continue to dismiss Yolanda. A woman of her word, the bus’s stop is abrupt, the pole breaks, and so does the children’s bom boms. One of them yells “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I think I broke my back! I’m suing you BUS DRIVER LADY!” (Get Yo’ Kids!)

Sasha, the author of children books is conducting a presentation at an elementary school for her new book called "Children Are the Best." The running theme of the book is how creative and inquisitive children are. Sasha reads the book over a projector and receives participation from the crowd using short and active games and exercises. On one exercise in particular Sasha hands a first-grade student a microphone and asks him to use his imagination to give an idea of what else it could be. The first grader without warning, digs up his nose, pulls out a big one, and places it on the microphone. Ignoring her own repulsion, along with the gasps and grossed out facial expressions from the audience, with a half-smile, half-frown, Faith asks the first grader “Ccccooooool…..Wha what is that?” His response goes “Ice cream with a green cherry on top.” (Get Yo’ Kids!)

As you can tell, the week has been very long. Tom, Malik, Jabriel, Carter, Yolanda, and Sasha meet up at their favorite spot in Philadelphia’s Center City restaurant called The Hard Rock Café. The spot is convenient because they all work within a five-minute radius walking distance from the spot. Getting a drink is all they want to do, to relax after the horrors of their week. End of show.

The series was created to depict a humorous view on how we can create awareness around the improvement of parenting along with boundaries and respect between adults and children. Although not provided in the descriptions above, there is always a lesson learned, or a logical, relative, and respectful approach when addressing the behavior of the parents/their children. Hey, a little seriousness is needed in any comedy series, don’t you think?

Written by Beautiful Intelligence


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