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Who Are You?

Wisdom From The Activist

By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Who Are You?
Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

They say I can't talk about it, but I will. More than ever, our people need to know who we are. I won't let them silence me. I can't just stand back and let us lose hope. Everything we worked so hard to live through, has not been in vain. We have not been deserted or forgotten. The sun still shines each day and our ancestors smiles are upon us. They are spreading their breath of life down from the Ethers. I can feel their strength and backbone through my spine leading up and out my mouth. Our ancestors' were so determined and strong, and I was born to follow in their footsteps. The power that is in them now lives through me. I am here to spread our antibiotics over all those infected with fictitious beliefs, ill-mannered words, and actions. Up until my birth our method of living has been to survive. Now that I have grown boldly in my influence, I will reintroduce what our existence has always been.

Instead of just living, we are alive. Instead of survival, we are accomplished. Instead of fear, we are free. Instead of hidden, we are seen. Instead of inhumane, we are unique. Instead of grotesque, we are beauty. Instead of humiliation, we are dignity. Instead of ignorant, we are the origins of the entire world.

Heads may turn, and eyes may roll. Ears may shut, and mouths may troll. Action may flare, but time will go. Our brains are our history, and our hands help the nation flow. From inventions, to customs, food, and culture, traditions, and nurture, we are worth more alive than dead. Hundreds may fall, but millions more are bread.

We are creation. We are natural. We are fair. We are love. We are connected. We are strong. We are the leaders of balance. Our existence is necessary. Our existence is teachable. Our existence is influential. Our existence is competent. Our existence is irrefutable. Our existence is wonderfully stained.

I will let them see it. I will let them hear it. I will let them feel it until they speak it. Our method now is the tool, drill. This is the only way to penetrate the layered cement of concealed earthly dirt. In this case let it be uncovered, even if we must saw our way through it. Let us join as we forgive one another. Let us stay united as we confess to one another. The only way is to see our eternal bond as a result of our struggles. This is what formulates a nation.

Adaption is no longer our mission. What a beautiful thing to inhabit a space, but boldness is our statement that establishes territory. We have a right to think, to write, to vote, to live, to breathe, to teach, to dream, to discover, to lead, and to rule just as all were created to.

I must shed light on our separation. In our division we are gravitating to different messages of hope. I am a messenger also. I have been called to shine light upon the darkness. I have been called to enlighten the masses. I have been called to be the beacon of blossoming peace. I have been called to alleviate five hundred years of cloudy days and destruction. I have been called to integrate all the messages into one pile of truth.

That truth is way more groundbreaking than any other worldly belief or action. That truth is in our pure essence we are not pain, hurt, dismay, anger, frustration, sadness, hunger, black/white, poor, distraught, or dishonest, but we all are..... Every living thing on earth is woven into the circle of life. What happens to one, happens to all. In due time we will rise. And when we do, the energy throughout the world will activate reasonably and shift.


The Activist (7/1956)

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