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How to get her to daydream...

...about you w/ an adamant affinity.

By Nefarious DarriusPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 4 min read
P/C (Photo credit): Alexandr "whitedaemon" Ivanov of Russia; via the completely free stock photography site/app Pixabay. Please show each of them much Love; and thank you in advance.

15MAY2024; 0842, WED– Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Blessed rising and abundantly peaceful tidings; unless you're with the Bidens. It's a brand new day, and I'm not going to ruin a perfectly good morning by mourning Lady Liberty; Ms. America; nor their former glory.

Plus, that's the opposite of what you opened this particular piece with intentions of poring over every word; potentially. With that out of the way, some slight housekeeping:

Please don't take my friendly advice; suggestions; and/or slightly eccentric "ideals" as what we in the hood refer to as "law." It's not me "capping" at all; nor is it "all facts, no printer."

Just somewhere in the in between. Eat the wheat; discard the chaff.

Without further ado, here's some "free game" for you; the reader–

Bad news first: You're gonna have to talk to her if you want her to daydream about you like such. Worst news: You may have to have some degree of financial Freedom/independence to accomplish the mission; even though we're all neck deep in Bidenomics right now, for the most part.

Now that we have set some "realistic" expectations, let's cannonball into more pleasant waters. Rumor has it that Lovely Little Ladies (L^3) just want to feel secure; validated; in addition to somewhat inspired.

Let's break those down though. 1.) Security– There's not a snowball's chance in Biden's America that she's even going to give you her number if she thinks for half a second that she'll be hungry if/when she decides to "give you a chance"; as we used to say back when.

Also, she doesn't want a guy who she has to worry about running off at the first glimpse of danger when y'all are out on a date night. I'm not saying that you gotta be a multi(millionaire); or even Jack Reacher (shout out to Amazon Prime Video for a phenomenal series ["Reacher"]).

It'd help if you at least look like you're able to "breakdown" a couple of potential "tangoes"; thereby feasibly deterring them from wanting to even "catch the smoke." That means do your morning 42 pushups, bare minimum; ride your bike roughly once a week, "off the strength"; and maybe think about considering a membership with a BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu [the U.S. Army's preferred method) gym.

2.) Validation– "You just want somebody listening to what you say; it doesn't matter who you are..."- Coldplay, on the opening jam of their '05 classic "X&Y". It's called "Square One"; for those stans contemplating getting all up in their feels for improper citation ("Don't [at] me bro!").

In all seriousness, we are back where we began: Civil discourse. It helps if you have a halfway decent icebreaker; such as paying for her favorite latte with your debit card made out of solid metal.

There's at least one company that I know of offering cards made of gold; weighing in at 36 grams. They have a gold plated version as well; tipping scales at 18 grams; which is still infinitely better than a featherweight plastic standard.

Just for general purposes: There's at minimum one ubiquitous company that offers two separate versions of a metal debit card; which can each be customized tremendously. They run roughly a (Ulysses S.) Grant, or $50.00; conversely, you can do what I did and put your personal business's DBA (Doing Building As [name]) on them.

They make a nice clanking noise on the bar/coffee table when you are hoping to earn the potentiality of impressing her with your active listening skills. That is, listen to understand; not to reply.

When you eventually respond, because your cologne and decent attire have her comfortable enough to open up to you: Just show her that you were listening; attempt to show her your sense of humor; and don't be sloshed from dirty martinis/chais.

Word to the wise, and I'm ending on this note: Don't underestimate the brilliance of near-beer; if you decide to try my advice at a bar, and/or if she's a woman of libations. There's almost not a bar in this seemingly Godforsaken nation that doesn't have at least Heineken 0.0's; Athletic Brewing Co. products; and/or O'Douls.

Even Stella Artois; Budweiser (bless their hearts); and Corona are getting in on the action. This tip alone is worth a DUI (Driving Under the Influence [charge])'s cost in the positive.

I'm running behind schedule to meet up with my L^3; though, my true parting wisdom: If you are intent on becoming a professional heartbreaker, don't be surprised when you're raising a bunch of Princesses. And that's "on everything that I Love..."



Prayerfully, you gained something pertinent (re: useful) from this post. If so, then please think about considering a show of support; however you may see fit.

Additionally, I'm easily reachable via Twitter. That's for private and/or public convos on the works written by me, my fav writers, as well as my other influences too.

The link in my bio will "counterintuitively" have that unmistakable tab in its footer menu. Invariably, there's a tab in the very main menu; cyclically returning you to my profile on this unfathomably superb site for writers.

Shoutout to all Vocal's inventors/staff/readers/writers. "[Y'all] the real MVP."

Lastly, if you're in the market for an incredulously original article of clothing or such: There's copious amounts at the aforementioned link in bio. Please don't believe for a NY minute that I'll be even remotely unappreciative of any all who "look out for the cookout".

Peace; blessings; and much Love, even. *Salute*.



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