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By Kaylon ForsythPublished 24 days ago 3 min read
Top Story - June 2024

I have not been very successful in quieting my mind this evening. I find that as time goes by, I find myself in deeper contemplation, in regards to the purpose of my life. I can say with certainty, that thus far, I have had a life, that with all things considered, has been a well lived one.

In my experience, the shadow work that I have done, to find the very core of who I am at the very foundation of my creation, has led me on a journey that has now brought me to what feels like, the center of my consciousness, and is pointing me in the direction of my purpose. The world that I have had the blessing of living in, and I say blessing, because although this life is hard, I do believe that we chose to exist at this time, as a phase shift from one state of matter, to another, is taking place.

I would like to expound on what that, in my eyes, actually means. Science has now discovered that the human brain is in a transitory state, where it is beginning to alchemically change, from one state of matter, to another, and this is what some have referred to as The Awakening. We as a species have reached a point of conscious awareness, where we are able to direct the path of our evolution, from a more accurate perception of how the universe, and the laws that exist within it work, the substance of creation is in fact energetically malleable. When you consciously apply your effort and energy, to a desired outcome, naturally, you begin moving in the direction of that outcome, however, when you begin to place your intention in co creating your reality in cooperation with the way in which energy works, it creates an active awareness, and connection to, The Field.

The field is what science is now coming to know as a plane, or frequency at which every piece of information, or potential exists, and when we place ourselves in a state of heart/mind coherence, we are able to consciously connect with, and interact with this field. This is what was referred to as the Unified Field Theory which is, what I believe Einstein was attempting to prove, but never was able to quite reach that point. This theory states that everything in this universe is connected, which is now being seen as factual, when quantum entanglement is taken into consideration. No matter the distance, you are still connected to everything else in this universe, at any given moment.

As we begin to go through this phase shift, that is being perpetuated by the expanse of knowledge that is available to pretty much everyone on the planet, the rate at which knowledge is being taken in and utilized, is creating an energetic event horizon to occur, within our spiritual/physiological state, and this is what in my perception, is known as critical mass. When the energetic resonant frequency of enough people on this planet reach a high enough level of vibration, it will create a global shift to occur, resulting in the awakening and phase shift to occur to those in the world who are willing to have the courage to walk a path, and learn to live, in a way that truly creates a Phoenix Phase, where you don't just feel like you are becoming a better version of yourself, you are actually upgrading your genetic code, by activating dormant DNA, which they used to refer to as Junk DNA. We are approaching a point in time, that has been prophesied for a very long time, and with that in mind, live life in a way that exudes love, to all, and life will exude that same love, prosperity, and gratitude right back into the core of who you are.

Brightest Blessings.


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Kaylon Forsyth

I lost my wife back in 2019 and I started this as an outlet for my emotional expression in regards to the pain from the loss, it has helped me substantially since that time, and I have put great effort into all of my efforts since then.

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Comments (10)

  • Andrea Corwin 17 days ago

    I absolutely don't understand why people are just discovering that everything is connected. How could it not be? Congrats on that Top Story!!

  • shanmuga priya19 days ago

    Congratulations 🎉 keep up the fantastic work.

  • Dark Moon Empire19 days ago

    Congratulations on your top story. Such a great perspective on spiritual awakening and inner healing. This was an informative piece. Thank you for sharing.

  • angela hepworth20 days ago

    Stunningly written! Your flow is immaculate here.

  • Congrats on your top story.

  • Angelina Vasas21 days ago

    I experience happiness of consciousness when something good happens!

  • Sherif Saad21 days ago

    Good Work

  • Babs Iverson21 days ago

    Intriguing and insightful!!!💕❤️❤️ Congratulations on Top Story too!!!

  • BrettNotGreg24 days ago

    This has given me a lot to think about! Great work!

Kaylon ForsythWritten by Kaylon Forsyth

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