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Getting Out of Depression

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By Helen TranPublished 25 days ago 3 min read
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When I went to Linh Ung Pagoda in Da Nang

This blog reflects my thoughts. I write this article because I lost two relatives within a month due to prolonged depression. It’s our pain, and I don’t want it to happen again.

Depression (major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities such as sleeping, eating, and working. Depression is diagnosed if these symptoms persist for at least two weeks (source: Brain & Behavior Research Foundation).

When I was a student, I studied hard for my degree. During some semesters, I had free time to do part-time work, such as teaching children or selling clothes at a fashion shop. I also joined various social activities, English clubs, and soft skills clubs.

I thought these experiences would make me confident when I graduated. But no, I was shocked when I received my first real job. My skills weren’t enough, and my manager wasn’t impressed with my performance. She was often angry when I made mistakes. My team and I spent too much time debating solutions without success. I tried my best to ensure good results in my projects, but I couldn’t. I was stressed, and it caused me a lot of pain. I started having negative thoughts about failure and eventually quit.

Without a job, money, or relationships, I didn’t tell my family because I thought it would worry my parents. It was terrible. I had once been full of energy, but now I was so negative. I exhibited more misunderstandable behaviors, liked to close myself off, and preferred to be alone.

I didn’t want to meet my friends or share my instability with anyone. I didn’t want anyone to disturb me.

Oh my god, it was so exhausting during that time. I thought about dying more and more often. But luckily, I loved my family and parents. I knew if I died, my parents would be too sad and heartbroken. That thought helped me pass through that stage.

I started by drinking a glass of water when I woke up. I allowed myself to cry a lot. I began exercising every morning to release bad energy. I meditated every night and listened to or read inspirational stories. When my mind was empty, I always thanked life, my family, college, everyone around me, and myself. I frequently called my family to share my daily activities.

When I regained positive energy, I started making plans to improve my skills and knowledge. It was a challenge, and I lost half a year to balance my mind and start a new job with confidence and love.

In this modern and digital age, anyone can face challenges that drain their energy. Please stay calm and make decisions with insight to move forward. In some situations, take time to relax and refresh your mind. Now, I have detailed daily plans for my life:

• I wake up at 4:30 AM, attend to personal hygiene, and drink a glass of water.

• At 5:00 AM, I meditate, practice deep breathing, and offer blessings.

• At 6:00 AM, I exercise and walk around my neighborhood with my husband.

• At 7:00 AM, I have breakfast and prepare food for lunch.

• At 8:00 AM, I start my work.

• At 11:30 AM, I have lunch and read 08 Ho’oponopono.

• At 1:00 PM, I continue my work.

• At 5:00 PM, I cook dinner, have dinner, relax, and write the Opening the Mind and Repentance Sutra before sleeping.

I feel really comfortable with this schedule. I have made it a habit and feel love for it every day.

Thank you my teacher, Ms Quynh Huong,

Thank you and best regards,



About the Creator

Helen Tran

If you open your heart and love someone, surely one day, someone will love you back

Live life to the fullest, and we will find happiness.

Helen Tran (ms)

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  • Muma JoJo19 days ago

    So grateful for your post and your bravery in writing it! So challenging being raw in what we write ❤️

  • Alex Huang19 days ago

    This post is very valuable. Let's connect and share together.

  • Rissa20 days ago

    You are strong !

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  • Tazbia21 days ago

    wow, you are quite brave to share your story with us, thank you for sharing, it was truly inspiring and a source of hope for me. Hope you stay happy and, you are quite brave to share your story with us. Thank you for sharing. It was truly inspiring and a source of hope for me. I hope you stay happy and healthy.

  • Natasha Collazo25 days ago


  • shanmuga priya25 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing.😊

Helen TranWritten by Helen Tran

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