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3 Signs Of Relationship Disconnection

And how to deal with them...

By Zondra Dos AnjosPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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As a Psychic and Relationship Coach, clients often ask if the person they are with is a good fit for them because they are having difficulties understanding or seeing if they are connected with them as they are.

In society today, people want to find love, but the world is giving short-term relationships. They find it challenging to find love, keep their dates going, or build a relationship.

This is because most people today tend to give up easily when facing adversities. It has become easier to walk away than try.

All the distractions and too much information being available today make it easier to detach from people and situations. That is when knowing the signs about if the person is in resonance with you is handy.


When someone resonates with you, they will contact you often; mark that I am not talking about “needy contact” when the person is messaging you 24/7, but I am talking about organic and natural contact. This kind of contact can sometimes occur sometimes a week or more, depending on how long you are together.

If the person you are connecting with often leaves you hanging there, waiting for an answer from them, if you avoid going out just in case they call you and want to go out with you, this person is not in your destiny, and you are allowing them to control your life.

The person in your path won’t make you feel this way; at least you will be aware enough not to allow yourself to be waiting, especially if you are in a dating phase. They want to know about you and what you have been doing and will aim for the next date. They will want to spend time with you.

My Ex

This is the worst sign, in my opinion; if you have someone constantly talking about their exes, even if it’s good talk, they are still attached.

Now, let me clarify it:

If the person you are dating tells you a story about their exes once, it’s okay, but if they are bringing up their exes constantly, pointing out what they did or comparing you, saying things like “Oh my ex used to do this” or something like that, run!

Run for good, because this is a clear sign that they haven’t emotionally detached from their previous relationship and are using your connection to forget their exes. Sorry for the honesty, but it’s the truth.

It also goes to us, if we talk constantly about our exes, its the time to heal and focus on the future.

Tricky Communication

Often, when people don’t want to commit, they will avoid talking about certain things or will answer in an unclarified way. The avoidance is the answer that they are not ready to commit or won’t.

If the person you see constantly makes you wonder what they meant by what they have said, they are not communicating openly. This can be a significant problem, especially if you want a relationship because there comes a time when you will have to step on your toes to talk about a relationship just because they cannot.

That’s when you have to ask yourself if it’s worth keeping a one-way or deceitful connection; it’s essential and good to know the “labels” you have so there is no misunderstanding. The point here is not to spend too much energies trying to control what is outside your control.

Final Thoughts

Relationships are meant to grow naturally; one doesn’t need to be anxious because things progress effortlessly if they are meant to be.

As long as you have self-respect and don’t show emotional dependence in the early stages of the relationship, things tend to evolve faster because there is no pressure or stress to be in a relationship. What doesn't have pressure evolves because the stress and anxiety are out of the picture.

If you feel the need to be attached to someone too much, this might be a sign of hurts inside you that need to heal. The easiest way to heal it is to learn to spend time with yourself and learn to enjoy your life as it is.

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