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The [Very Long] Story of Jim and Pam
10 hours ago
Everyone loves Jim and Pam... but how exactly did it all happen again? With over eight seasons, I found myself forgetting all kinds of details. For some reason, I though they were childhood friends, b...
A Guy Asked People on Facebook to Send Him Nudes... the People of the Internet Delivered
10 hours ago
I was scrolling away on my news feed when I saw this lovely request: "I'm Sad. Send nudes." It was from one of my favourite groups ADHD shit posting... which upset me a little at first... but then I r...
8 Different Dirty Magazines That Scruffy the Janitor Owns
a day ago
'Futurama' is the only show that I know of to get cancelled and come back for what seemed to be an endless cycle, until the last season was so quickly put together that fans were a little more ready t...
Would You Wear a Cape to Your Wedding?
3 days ago
There is a new statement trends for weddings... and I am actually considering it as an option. With that said, the trend doesn't seem to have been as successful as wedding boutiques thought it would b...
Engagement Ring Styes of 2019
4 days ago
It looks like yellow gold is in back in style! However, there are still lots of other options for the modern bride. With the rise of millennials, so are lab-grown diamonds.
'Good Luck' App - Scam or Legit?
6 days ago
Good Luck by Luck Fun Co. Limited is the sister app to Lucky Day by Luck Day Entertainment, Inc. Due to the very similar logos, names and the app itself. I assumed that both apps were made by the same...