A Terrifying Realization

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A Terrifying Realization

Last year my boyfriend and I were trying to get a picture of a fox, there have been a few spotted in the area and I really wanted to get a photo of one to show my family. Unfortunately, I never did get a good photo of one of the foxes. I did, however, manage to get a photo of something else. It wasn't until a few days later that I noticed the camera caught something that our eyes couldn't see. A ghostly woman standing no more than a metre away from where I took the photo. Thank goodness my boyfriend was with me through the whole thing. Otherwise, I don't know how well I would have handled the situation. The thing that scares me the most is how close she is to me. It was a terrifying realization to find out that I was so close to a ghost without even realizing it.

A photo of one of the foxes.

When I was young I use to make up ghost stories about my grandma's house being haunted in order to try and scare my friends. Now I wish I had never cried wolf because I fear it takes away from the genuine horror that I felt when I saw that photo. This was my first and so far my only encounter with a ghost. However, I have been warned by a teacher of mine, that once the door is open to the other side it becomes hard to close it again. This not only left me terrified but also conflicted. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue the search to find out more about this ghost that approached me.

Despite the warning, I decided to find out more information on this ghostly woman. I started small and tried asking the neighbours first. I wanted to know if anyone else had noticed something strange in the area. More specifically, I was looking for people who had witnessed any paranormal activity in my own neighbourhood.

While I did find that there are allegedly haunted areas in Durham Region, I never did find anything specific to my neighbourhood. Nor did I find anything that I thought would really explain the experience that my boyfriend and I had. The only connection I could make, and this is based just on geographical location only, is a spot called Ghost Road Bush. Were there have allegedly been sightings of both a man and a woman. This seemed like a dead-end to me.

My next question was whether or not this sighting was a coincidence or if this woman had meant to approach me. Needless to say, I found myself feeling a bit crazy running around asking people about ghosts. Although I must admit, I did learn a lot about ghosts and my neighbours' family histories. It turns out that most people believe that ghosts don't usually haunt graveyards. Instead, ghosts often wonder where their loved ones are (or where their loved ones use to be).

Hearing this was a relief to me because I felt it was safe to say that this ghost was not following me. Instead, I felt it was safe to assume that I had simply just managed to wander to where her home use to be. This also gave me a clue to who the mystery woman might be if she is somehow connected to those who still live here.

After I gathered up enough courage to look like a crazy person on the hunt for a ghost ... and enough courage to ask a couple of very personal questions. I asked the few surrounding houses if they felt they had any connection to the one woman in the image that I took. Unfortunately, I never did find what I was looking for. In fact, not only did I not find any useful information ... but I was also asked repeatedly if I was feeling okay.

I knew then that this was the end of my ghost hunt. I reported the sighting to a group of people who share my belief in ghosts and I even tried to get another picture of the woman ... but I never did get the answers that I so desperately wanted.

A close up on the woman in the haunted photo.

Who was the woman in the photo? How can I prove that a ghost wanders my neighbourhood? Why is wandering here? Who, if anyone, was she connected to? And last, but not least ... am I crazy?

Nancy D
Nancy D
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