Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

'These Are the Times that try Men's Souls'
7 days ago
"These are the times that try men's souls." Remember that quote? Some 250 years later we are again facing times that try men's souls. From wave after wave of violent carnage that shows no signs of aba...
The Shadow Rider
12 days ago
Out of the pages of history, galloping across the western plains of the Old West rides a lone crusader bringing law and order to an otherwise lawless land. With stealth and cunning many an outlaw met ...
Into the Foray Rides a Dark Horse
a month ago
They say the nature of a man is best judged by his actions and deeds. For Sam Jones—a mild tempered man who has seen first hand the wonton despair and despondency of ordinary citizens, day after day, ...
Great White
a month ago
Terror strikes fast and swift, leaving a wake of blood after these predators of the deep. I guess it was the movie Jaws that truly awakened everyone to just how terrifying, and yet so misunderstood Gr...
Pre-Determined Destinies
2 months ago
Of all our founding fathers it was Thomas Jefferson who understood that education was vital for the preservation of our liberty. He also knew that the abuses of power would undermine, and eventually d...
Manufactured Wars
2 months ago
Today, the Trump Administration has put the United States on the wrong side of history yet again. What we are witnessed to today is a repeat of how wrong Government has been ever since World War II. W...