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When Politicians Win America Looses

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

At a time when Florida's Governor decides to take on Trump and the Republican party's choice for President, we should remember what Charlie Christ said during the only debate in Florida's governor's race last year. True to form Christ was right all along. And when the NAACP announces that African American's are openly discriminated against here in Florida just adds salt to the already wounded social ills that are imbedded in the Republican mindset of so many not only in Florida but around the country.

Instead of moving forward to equal the playing field of our society this nation thru the rhetoric and actions of the last 50 years we have drifted further away from the triumphs that Dr. King made in the 1960's There are serious questions that need resounding answers to. And yet all we have is silence from the powers that be. It is a known fact that during the Covid -19 Pandemic the pharmaceutical industry milked billions of dollars from the public and turned it into a giant financial windfall that only increased the wealth disparity gap to the greatest divide in our history. It is also known that the Republican agenda especially now with the debt ceiling looming ahead is only focused on the revers Robin Hood mentality stripping away the vital safety nets that keep millions from falling into the abyss of financial devastation.

The same type of fleecing of the American public is currently underway by our continued financing Ukraine in their conflict with Russia, Billions of Dollars in defense contracts to supply arms and tax dollars is funneling cash to help finance Ukraine's so-called defense when the whole conflict could have been averted in the first nothing more than another financial windfall for the power elite.

When we really stop to think what lies ahead for this nation if the continued political and social framework remains in place God help this nation. To paint an accurate picture of the United States of America we see in every city and town the imbalances are striking in their contrasts. The plight of millions continues to grow. The inhumane treatment of the influx of immigrates that never should have been allowed to happen keeps draining whatever financial recourses there are. The outright profiteering of real-estate conglomerates capitalizing on the publics desperate search for just a roof over their heads is another prime example of the control that corporations have over governmental policies.

In blunt terms our government continues to be bought and paid for by lobbyists, mega donors, and the corporate dominance that have almost eliminated the middle class. Our government continues to invoke policies and legislation not for the greater good of all Americans but for the continued garnishment of more power and control that large corporations have over societies.

There has been talk of term limits for legislators. The Constitution already imposes term limits. We the public thru casting our ballots determine our elected officials. Today though it is a very sad commentary that the voting public continue to be prone to cast their votes without really knowing the consequences of their vote. The media has long since had too much influence over the public's conception of candidates. Compounding our disfunction in our political arena is the fact that our whole educational system has become a disaster ever since the late 1960's. For years many have been blinded by the allure of money. And when so much money is involved just to run a political campaign leaves the door wide open for corruption. Today we are seeing the direct consequences of what corruption does to the legislation that impacts millions all around this nation.

In many cases there has been voters' remorse and the recent Govenor's election in Florida last year just very well be a true case of voter's remorse when the voting public didn't heed the remarks from Charlie Christ. Florida is just one of so many states that have become trampled by statewide and national political structures that have for years kidnaped the American dream from so many Americans.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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