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The Renters Nightmare

Rising Rents

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

The world revolves around the greed and unforgiving nature of a corrupt corporate world. It is no truer than what the real estate conglomerates have done by monopolizing so many apartment complexes all across the country. The tale of misery and woe abound and ever since the Covid-19 protections expired the influx of evictions as well as rising rents have cumulated in a major national crisis that seems to be ignored by every state house around the country.

The federal Government continues to have a blind eye to this mounting crisis. A crisis that is so evident all one has to do is drive through every major city and town where tent cities have overwhelmed so many avenues and streets make the US look and feel like a third world nation. Which in fact that is what our nation has become. When so many public officials continue to ignore the misery that raising rents have done to compensate shareholders dividends are doing to the overall United States economy are selling out America's future.

To add more misery to an already growing crisis the unscrupulous nature of leasing agents who are controlled and employed by the real-estate holding corporations have unleashed deceptive practices on unsuspecting prospective renters. No longer is there truth in advertising. Too many times prospective renters have been denied affordable housing just because of the deceptive nature of real-estate holding corporations. They continue to raise rents indiscrimitively. So, when one sees an affordable apartment and applies no sooner than they are told the rent is not what was first advertise. Bait and switch tactics have become the norm by leasing agents all around the country.

The rising rents have so many off shoots that continue to push too many into a state of anguish while attempting to find a roof over their head. Th application process is another nightmare. For low-cost affordable housing these so call affordable housing developments have made the process almost impossible to complete just because of all the requirements one has to meet just to apply.

Too many times people are literally thrown out into the street, or the sheriff comes knocking on people's door to serve eviction notices when all these people need is a helping hand that never reaches them in time. When that helping hand becomes available too many times it is too little of an amount to ease the suffering of so many caught in the vicious cycle of facing those insurmountable rising rents.

It is too bad that our federal government which issued rental guideline's every year for the past few years that dictates rent prices based on incomes is ignored by every state house and even our federal government which publicized these guidelines in the first place. These guidelines are based on solid evidence that would ease the financial struggles. Years ago, affordable mortgages were based on 1/4 of a person's net income. Today that is no longer the case. People today are paying close to 50% of their disposable income just to have a roof overhead. And when so many are paying that much leaves very little to stimulate the overall US economy.

To ease the rental crisis that is hurting the US economy the federal government must restore and enforce the rental guidelines that are now being ignored. And in this way will balance the US economy, put more people into affordable housing and ease the homelessness that is a sweeping all across the country. Only is this way can the United States rebound from what is currently becoming one of the most internal crises of the 21st century.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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