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By Dr. WilliamsPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

At the beginning of the 17th century the birth of one man became the most influential person in the founding of a nation. His influence, his writings, and his inventions all altered and changed the course of history. Of all the founding fathers it has always been Benjamin Franklin that literary wrote the book for a new nation. He has been called an American original, the first American and a true Renaissance man. In every nations rise through-out history there have been certain individuals that catapulted not only themselves but their nation on to the world's stage. Benjamin Franklin was such a man.

Born in relative obscurity in 1706 Ben Franklin developed an early aptitude for the Literary Arts. His early ability to read and write provided young Franklin the means to embark on a career that would eventually define a nation. By 1718 Ben Franklin already possessed an independent and self reliant spirit. {The United States came into being by exemplifying a self reliant, independent and a sort of a John Wayne type persona} Ben Franklin was the embodiment of all that America came to stand for.

The Impetuous of youth was so often displayed by young Franklin, but it was this quickly learned ability to read and write that set young Ben on that path toward fame and fortune. The Silence Dogood articles displayed the resourcefulness of Ben Franklin. The independent nature of Ben took him from Boston to Philadelphia in 1723 where his self-reliant altitude established him to become one of the cities most respected citizens. Ever the inquisitive man, along came an unexpected son, William. Even today the identity of Williams mother remains a mystery. All we know is that William grew up in Ben Franklin's home. Although it was never proven but many speculate that Williams true mother might have been a woman of one of Ben Franklin's liaisons where he was known to frequent Bordello's in England. It just could be that Franklin could have encountered ladies of questionable means in Philadelphia before he married Deborah Reed. Non the less William Franklin latter became the last provincial governor of New Jersey prior to the start of the Revolutionary War. It was the Revolutionary War that pitted Father against son where William remained a steadfast loyalist to the British Crown. A very sad commentary in the life of an American Icon.

By 1742 Ben Franklin became one of the most prosperous men of the times. Now able to devote more attention to his study of science, most notable the study of electricity. It was Ben Franklin who was the first person to conclude that lightening was indeed electric power. His experiments almost ended a most promising life. but undaunted his invention of the Lightening Rod proved to be a most useful and reliable tool because it prevented lightening from igniting fires in buildings. To this day the Lightening Rod is in use in practically every building around the world. For all of Ben Franklin's inventions not one was patented. Had he taken out patents on any one of his inventions he would have been even more wealthy. It was his nature just like Thomas Jefferson who felt that these inventions belonged to the people not to just any one man. It is too bad that Thomas Jefferson just once had patented any of his inventions. Because if he had in his later years, he probably would not have been so destitute.

The accolades that followed helped enormously in securing Ben Franklin's success as Americans first Diplomat. His accomplishments in science secured his place in history. Having spent over 20 years in England and in France negotiating for American causes though well respected back home in America the politicians even back then resembled the posturing of our own elected officials today. Only if our politicians and elected officials exhibited even some of the traits of Benjamin Franklin the United States would be so much better off. Unfazed by all his success in life he was tempered by certain failures, shortcomings, and temptations. Ever the humble man his overall success never interrupted of corrupted his ability to further the American cause.

Many people today are beginning to realize just how much Ben Franklin has impacted our society. Other noted inventions include Swim Fins.{ Franklin was a self-taught swimmer. He became so experienced he was able to actually earn money teaching others how to swim.} The Franklin Stove which is still used, marketed and sold today is as original as when it was first developed. The Lightening rod is integrated into the construction of buildings the world over. These are just a partial list of inventions that societies use today. For all that Ben Franklin accomplished it is his efforts as Americas first diplomat that will be forever linked to the founding of the United States of America. An original American Icon.

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