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The Dark Side

Mans Indifference Toward Man

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

It seems as though leaders of governments continue to stumble around with their heads in the sand diverting any chance of bringing peace, harmony and co-existence to the citizens of the world. They have become oblivious to what mankind is actually going through in their daily struggles to ease the burdens imposed upon them by their very own government. Today humanity is on the very edge of no more tomorrows.

With swiftness and malice toward all but a few these leaders of state are right on que in the damage that they invoke. Millions the world over continue to wallow in misery suffering the consequences of the failings of governments. No longer can we endure the bondage that is held tight denying mankind their lawful right. Peace, harmony and the joy of life have always been hidden under the disingenuous policies that are entrenched in the halls of governments.

The tempests we are enduring are the results of the ineffectiveness of our leaders. The rational that they chose has never fulfilled the promise of a better world for all of mankind. For those that are trying to bring peace are overshadowed by greed and hate. For all those tomorrows that may never be somber realities keep inflicting more grief and misery.

It has been that through-out history there hasn't been a period where man hasn't resorted to violent acts of aggression manifested by greed, hate, lust and revenge. Many can argue that humanity has yet to learn that we are all brothers of man with innate abilities that enable us to choose the directions and paths we take in life. It is these abilities that define human nature and the life we chose.

In the Biblical sense ever since Adam and Eve there has always been an internal struggle between good and evil within all of us. The internal struggle in the hearts of man where the virtue of goodness and rightlessness' compete with the inner Dark side of man has always conceived man's reactions to the crisis they always bring. Like in the Star Wars movies the Dark side of the force perpetuated a more sinister realm of reality.

When the Dark side of human nature overpowers the heart and soul of man all through-out history wars have been fought and many times the good guys actually have won. And yet the evil that men do still continues. The paradox that mankind faces today is attributed to what governments and leaders have don and not done over the last half century. Their failings are quite obvious in our world torn apart by the ravages that the evil that men continue to do.

Questions remain unanswered. Many believe that the world we are thrust into defines the course we take in life. The harshness of the realities that millions still face has an overpowering impact on the choices we make. As long as there are leaders of state who invoke policies that fail their society, we will always be victims of the dark side of man.

Today there can be no peace among nations as long as the governing bodies that are supposed to initiate progressive formats to intercede when disputes arise especially the United Nations and NATO are adamant in their requirements to be included. As we are seeing Russia, Palestine, and other nations are either excluded from NATO or the United Nations because they don't meet the requirement set by these organizations. This alone leaves out nations who don't conform to their set criteria in keeping with their own doctrine on what they require nations to do in order to qualify for membership.

We have to keep in mind that each country has their own culture or cultures and a set way of government. In this way we always have to respect that each nation when conceived to assure peaceful co-existence respecting the nature of each country is vital for achieving what we all hope for in bring lasting peace on earth.


About the Creator

Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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