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The Edge of Darkness

A World Without Hope

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

With the world facing so many insecurities, where populations continue to suffer needlessly by the hands of governments, we have come to a juncture in history to which we may never recover from. The internal crisis facing within the United States seem almost insurmountable. The lack of moral fortitude to unite behind a definitive plan of direction that would bind this nation together continues. Instead within the halls of D.C. there remains a divisiveness that blinds too many in government to actually see the evolution of the US into a third world nation.

When over 75% of the US population face below middle-income levels and of that 75% 30% are facing acute poverty is a testament to the lack of conviction of elected officials to their constituency. Now, with the rest of the world teetering on the edge of chaos there is an acute urgency to realize there is a common denominator that binds us all.

It is a sad commentary when we see that our own government has become a bunch of self-serving bureaucrats while millions suffer needlessly. The inadequacies of governments to succumb to the power and control over populations has corrupted the legitimacies of the office they hold. Now in a time of great peril where the inadequacies of governments have shown how ineffective they are have put the world that much closer to that final confrontation.

In all of recorded history there have been those who hide behind cloaks of deception and deceit willfully aware of their heinous intentions. It has always been that man continues to brutally and savagely attacking others. Today is no different. Could it be an innate act of self-preservation that one would violently attack others? No! A will full malicious and calculated carnage upon humanity continues masked by reshaped ideologies.

We have to remember that in the 20th century global conditions in which the US helped induce gave rise to the Nazis who inflicted one of mankind's most notorious and catastrophic carnages upon humanity. Fortunately, we had the leaders like Roosevelt, Churchill and our military Generals who understood the gravity of a world in chaos. It was their determined resolve to eradicate one of history's most atrocious and horrific acts of unspeakable horror on mankind. Today the world again finds itself faced by those who hide behind cloaks of deception and deceit. They are masked behind a perverted sense of ideologies reshaped to justify their brutal, savage and calculated attack against all.

Yet the urgency displayed by many nations to stop wave after wave of terrorist attacks through-out the world acts that will transport mankind back into the caves of the Neanderthal has yet to materialize. Our values, our freedoms, our virtues and our lands are still being attacked with each atrocity now being played out on the world stage. We are all living on the very narrow seam of civilization and moral oblivion. Still, many of us don't see the real eminent threat we all face nor do we with unequivocal resolve contemplate eradicating any and all persons and organizations that sponsor, sanction, support or carry out terrorism against mankind. It was Ralph Waldo Emmerson who most eloquently wrote " Moral sentiment is the drop that balances the seas." Today the seas are so far out of balance for we are drowning in our moral myopia amidst a worship of political correctness and expediency.

We are all at a pivotal point in history. Civilizations are now poised on the brink of either falling into the abyss of caves or stepping on to the path of moral righteousness where peace and harmony prevail. We dare not wallow in our compliancy in a misguided tolerance and a naive sense of security. We have to be diligent students of history. The scourge of terrorism must be forever eradicated if civilizations ate to step on to the path away from the abyss of caves. We cannot retreat into the complacency of our routines oblivious to the carnage elsewhere or look at the headlines and presume the "good guys" will always prevail.

Lessons learned from history are invaluable tools that will enable civilizations gaining the knowledge to thwart and dispel all who threaten the sanctity of life. A global resolve to eradicate terrorism of any form is paramount to the future of mankind. We must act now with total commitment by each nation to end once and for all the carnage that plagues all of humanity.


About the Creator

Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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