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The Paradox That Is America


By Dr. WilliamsPublished 10 months ago 4 min read

America. what does this nation stand for? Too many of us are being led to believe that the United States is the greatest country in the world. Well, we used to be. Some time ago we gave it up for corporate greed and political power for a few elites. When we look at the political landscape of today there relay isn't that much difference between our two-party system. And when it takes millions of dollars to get elected for a job that only pays so little by today's standards spell corruption in every level of government.

In truth the United States has been in a decline both morally, economically and spiritually for quite some time. For those who are in denial and there are millions should actually open their eyes to see that in this day and age no American should have to endure the travesties that are occurring on a daily basis all around this country.

The slow, methodic and systematic decline is being orchestrated. But the bigger question is why the United States has become more like a third world nation? This nation now is a target of a global effort to destabilize our economy, and our social structure. When so many are caught in a cycle of diminished financial and economic opportunities leaves little hope for America's future. This is due in large part to the rise of corporate positioning as well as governmental sanctioning.

There are many truths that are purposely kept hidden from the public's knowledge in order to keep an agenda that is far removed from the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans. As a result, the American public have inadvertently surrendered to the overwhelming circumstances that have been orchestrated to provide an avenue for that One World Order. It is this One World Order that has been promoted by an elite group of individuals for years including past Administrations.

The reality facing the world is that the global community has yet to be able to resolve the ideological, cultural, spiritual and economic imbalances and barrios that have kept nations internal crisis spilling over affecting practically every other nation around the world. This is true in so many aspects. The plight of millions continues to spark the tempests that we are seeing the world over. And as long as there is internal crisis like we have here in the US people who promote that One World Order will continue to create more chaos that will ignite the globe in flames of terror.

To really know history is to unveil the truth. Too many times in our own history of the United States what we are taught and what actually was behind what occurred have remains hidden behind clocks of deception. To know the truth that is still being hidden, deemed conspiracy or otherwise uncredible will lift the American public out of the economic, financial and moral decay that are inhibiting the United States from returning to the greatness we used to enjoy.

If we take a look around every major city and even small towns across America, the plight of the homelessness, the violent crime along with and the deplorable conditions millions are living in has to be a wakeup call for every American. When we look at the reports of rising crime forcing major retailers to close their doors, while major corporations monopolize every available market creates more inflation and does nothing to ease the current downward spiral that millions are trapped in. The inflationary trends not only here in the US but through-out the world while millions are trapped in wage stagnation or none at all creates more social decay,

Drug use and violent crime are all offshoots of when societies are unable to be financially secure. Financial and economic insecurity the world over has made the world almost incapable of solving the many urgent crisis of our times. Climate Chang, global profiteering, and violent assaults against society have all manifested a world in hospitable for man and nature. It is quite understandable why the United States is faced with such a quagmire of a growing epidemic of social contempt for law and order. Now we have to realize that our whole society is in jeopardy because we have yet to put in practice the reforms that will ease the many crises facing so many Americans and millions the world over.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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