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On The Eve of Destruction

Manifest Greed

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

The power of great wealth can be either used for the betterment of humanity or for the demise of civility. Today the world is emersed in a quandary of dire circumstances many of which if left to the existing powers that be will in fact unleash an inferno the likes of which we have not seen since World War II. The outright condemnation of moral fortitude to provide the means necessary for peaceful co-existence has been buried by the falsehoods of diplomatic postering. The financial gain of those who have orchestrated the current global tempests that continue to plague all of mankind have continued for far too long.

The misinformation that continues to beguile the American public have only fueled the rising tensions in Ukraine to the point of almost no return. The Biden Administration as well as our brain-dead Congress have totally misrepresented the American public's best interests. When they should be addressing the growing domestic crisis that are draining the civility of our society, they have completely ignored the many recourses that would avail themselves to ease the many burdens that have only lowered the quality of life for so many millions of Americans.

When someone once said "All the world is a stage and societies all over the globe are just bit players" has more truth than we know. The perpetrators of calamity have come straight out of Washington in consort with the mainstream media. They continue to provoke and intensify the growing animosity between Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea and so many other nations all around the world.

The task at hand like Mission Impossible is to understand that without the US intervening with a decisive plan of direction both domestically and internationally the world will continue to spiral out of control. Remembering the power of great wealth, the financial tools that so few have, they haven't really understood their responsibility to mankind. The lack of foresight has prevailed not only by those who have amassed great wealth but by our leaders of political expediency. For they are the ones who are capable of interceding with the means to elevate the quality of life in societies.

For far too long through our apathy the American public has allowed our society to shrink from their responsibility to hold our government accountable for their inactions and actions. We inadvertently produced self-serving bureaucrats who have shown little concern for the millions of less fortunate not only in the US but through-out the world. As a result, what is playing our on the global scale as well as here domestically has only incensed more hostilities between nations and in societies by our blatant disregard for peaceful co-existence.

Peaceful co-existence can only be achieved when there is balance, the integrity of moral virtues, equal justice, education and liberty for all in every society through-out the world. When the thirst of power, control and wealth takes president over anyone of these five principles as we are seeing today the tempest of aggression continues to rise negating any hope of peaceful co-existence between nations and in societies.

It is in history going back to 1776 that our founding was forged on the guiding principles of Liberty, Justic, Education and Morality that solidified the United States core values. In the span of over two and a half centuries we have allowed a deterioration so complete of our core values that have almost cemented the ultimate demise of our democracy. As a result, the balance that prevailed for decades in our society has strayed so far out of balance that it has culminated into the many internal crises we are faced with today. We can not let those who have amassed great wealth escape their responsibility to humanity. The story of Ebeneezer Scrooge is a timeless story and holds merrit today.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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