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High Level Corruption

The Corruption Within

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Is the Biden Administration as well as members of Congress that naive to think that by fueling the flams of armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia will bring about an end to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine? All this Administration with Congress's approval by supplying billions of taxpayer dollars since the conflict began is aid and abating what has to be criminal actions by Ukraine. This when it was known that Ukraine provoked Russia into armed conflict to stop Ukraine from acting with intentions that are known to have dangerous consequences for both Ukraine, the rest of Europe and Russia itself.

And now since we have committed what has to be one of the worst international catastrophes the US has made Russia is now poised to send the rest of the world into mass hysteria. What the hell is happening today? We have an Administration as well as past Administrations intertwined with the Military Industrial Complex. Together along with congress continue to ignore the general public's welfare by supporting the military conflict in Ukraine, other military actions and imposed sanctions all around the world. What our government has been doing for far too long is using taxpayers' dollars on matters that have no results on improving the economic and financial fortunes of millions of destitute Americans who continue to live paycheck to paycheck or none at all. Major defense contractors continue to reap billions of dollars in profits and in turn continue to funnel funds into the coffers of political candidates and office holders.

Over the years we have seen high level corruption in every facet of government. It can be arguably said that no other nation than the United States has declined more rapidly in the history of civilization. The world has witnessed this decline within the past 50 years. The corruption within has only accelerated the decline of our economy, our society, the morality of our population, our educational systems and the political structures of our government.

What is no surprise is the fact that this decline is being done intentionally and with very little opposition trying to stem the tide of our demise. When we should be rising up with our voices in august of what is happening to our whole society have all fallen on deaf ears. We continue to have a political structure so emersed with a power structure that is undermining the very future of a nation that our founding fathers foraged when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Right.

The world is at a pivotal point in history where a push of a button could unleash unimageable horror through-out the world. The United States can't afford the luxury of continuing our blatant disregard for the American public in matters of fiscal policy, international affairs and our whole economy when the world itself is a powder keg just waiting for someone to light the fuse. And yet for far too long all our elected officials have been doing is antagonizing other nations with their disregard for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all of humanity.

When our founding fathers laid the four corner stones of our democracy little did they realize that our liberties, our justice system, our nations morality and our educational systems have all been under attack for far too long. We are seeing the results today. The inconsistencies of our Judicial system and in this case now with Trump and his legal troubles when there is no doubt that our judicial system is now corrupted by political power players is a true indication that there is no equal justice for all. No doubt equal justice before the law is in serious jeopardy.

Today we are witnessed to such an erroneous decay in the morality of our whole society. Generations are now being defined by what is becoming social engineering that deviates from the traditional male and female roles. We have surrendered traditional morality to a completely detrimental course to follow for our society. The acceptance of an educational system poised to keep America's ability accepting the status-quo has kept in step with our inherent liberties being stripped away.

The US is being led to the brink of disaster by politicians who act like Sargent Schultz for they do not know what they do, have been doing and continue to do. It is no wonder then that we continue to be thrust into a world torn apart by brutal realities that have swept over societies by the existing high levels of corruption within.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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