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Fiscal Responsibility of Government

Congress Still Can't Get It Right

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

In this troubled world we sometimes loose our way. So true for many of us. For some time, our heads of state really have lost their way in regard to ensure a more perfect union. It is a sad commentary when so many of our entrusted leaders of government remain oblivious to the actual reasons why our national debt threatens the very future of our nation, and the many other reasons why our society faces a bleak economic forecast in the months and years ahead.

The avoidance of over 200 years of governmental policies that have infiltrated our whole society with inaccurate truths that have become the accepted norm in the teachings of our history have all led this nation down a very slippery slope. So today when our governmental officials talk about this past debt ceiling bill have relied on the presumption that this debt ceiling bill will somehow ease the financial juggernaut that is our nation debt. In essence this bill will never come close to ease our financial woes that our own government has put this nation in.

The realities facing this nation remain transfixed by policy directives from past and present administrations and Congress Thru the years they continue to ignore the sheer scope of the financial and economic impact that their policies have unleashed on the American public. They have yet to have the fortitude to revoke past policy directives that have systematically undermined the very core of our nation. And when Speaker Mcarthy spoke recently about our troubled nation ignores the facts that our own government has and continues to create much of our nation debt and much of the anxiety that millions of Americans face each day.

True to form the Biden Administration as well as Speaker Mcarthy fail to realize the sheer magnitude of their incompetence when it comes to taking care of their fiscal responsibility to the American public. The same can be said of past Administrations and member of Congress. We have to remember that there are two basic reasons why our nation's debt is strangling the life blood out of our nation.

There have been only a few years that the United States hasn't been involved in actual armed aggression or in support of other nations armed conflicts. This is one of the biggest reasons why our nation's debt continues to escalate. The other is the most destructive factor to why we are as a nation on the verge of financial Armageddon and that is the creation of money by privately owned banks, specifically the Federal Reserve.

Our founding fathers when they wrote the Constitution specified that the Treasury Department has the sole responsibility to print currency but somehow our elected officials were influenced by the powerful bankers of the early 20th century like JP Morgan and the European Rothschilds Bank of England in creating the financial catastrophe that the Federal Reserve is today. A privately owned bank that loans money to the Federal Government at considerable interest. And that is why our debt is reaching the stratosphere.

Ever since 1913 the public has been beguiled by our government in accepting that the Federal Reserve is part of the Federal government when in truth it is a privately owned bank for profit at the expense of the American public. When we continue to funnel billions in military aid to other troubled nations or sed our military in harm's way while having the Federal Reserve loan money to the US government all have and is continuing to undermine America's future.

So, when our elected officials talk about fiscal responsibility of the Federal government, they have no clue or the courage to do what is right for the American public. They remain fixated that what was done in 1913 was for the good of our nation. Today the United States is emersed in financial and economic doldrums by the audacity of our elected officials in accepting the falsehoods of the policies that they themselves have passed.

To actually reduce our national debt and ease the financial strain facing millions of Americans Congress has to accept that basic reforms need to take place. Reforms that are no longer part of the status-quo but actually a revolutionary approach to reforming every branch of our government. For far too long our elected officials have been indoctrinated into believing that by budgetary restraints will have an impact on reducing our nation's debt. They continue to fail to realize what the Federal Reserve has been doing ever since 1913.

Our nation's debt and current economic conditions require total reform. And until our elected officials realize that their approach in matters of our economy really haven't worked at all the longer the US will continue to suffer the consequences of their ineptness. By following the Constitution in matters of fiscal responsibility is the only way to achieve a reduction of our debt. And the only way to do this is by implementing National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Unification.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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