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Bleeding Tired: Reflections on "A Story Every Day" So Far (May Edition)

A look back at May

By L.C. SchäferPublished 4 days ago 4 min read
Bleeding Tired: Reflections on "A Story Every Day" So Far (May Edition)
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The Nuts & Bolts

  • As of the last day in May: we were 152 days in to the yearlong Story Every Day challenge, which started on 1st January. Nearly half way there!
  • Success! I've posted a short story every day this year so far.
  • My word count for April: 14,413. This included all my micros, sans the authors note, my look back at April, a poem, and a couple of challenge entries (one official, and one unofficial).
  • Stats: My monthly peak at my stats shows that my read count has dropped more, it's now two thirds what it was a few months back. I haven't had much time to share on social media. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It does seem to make a bit of a difference. The quality of content/ideas might have dropped, or people might be officially sick of me. (I mean. come on, every day!) It doesn't affect my plan to post daily (even if not a single soul sets eyes on it). I'll just keep an eye on quality.
  • Reads: Speaking of reads, I now have over 10k!
  • My most-read , most-liked story in May was story #148, The Write Equipment, which was an alle-gory for writing (ha, didja see what I did there?) I recently re-worked it for the 3am challenge.
  • Top Stories: Three yet again this month! There's NO WAY this is a coincidence. Here they are: #148 The Write Equipment, Just a Minute challenge entry Dying Later, and #139, Forced Compliance Not Necessary.

This Month I 'Ave Mostly Bin Writin'

Aside from my daily micros, and my monthly look back, I also entered the Just a Minute Vocal challenge with Dying Later, and For Crows, which was an entry to Christy Munson's unofficial challenge My Tears Need A Minute.

No recipe this month, though (sorry!) but I did do a Wanky Poem: Write.

The Micros:

In March, I wrote a lot about animals. Cats were the theme in Ship's Cat and My Chosen One. Dogs had centre-stage in With Dogs, and Bad Boy. I even wrote about an octopus (Brian) and a spider! (Spider in the Bath).

Sentient trees were still lingering in my brain, it seems, since the Whispering Woods Challenge: A Real, Honest-to-Goodness Tree and Hello, Tree.

I had a go at sci-fi with Prettier if You Smiled, true crime with Melted Cheese and Murder, and discovered a new favourite topic that I will definitely re-visit: psycho doctors! (Dr Psycho)

Turns out dreams are a favourite subject of mine, so I've surprised myself by hardly touching the 3am challenge! I continued my Dreamscape series with Foggy Half-Real Hell-scape, Lose-lose, My Stupid Cat, and Procrastinating Never Pays. Scars, Screams, and Galloping Hearts is also centered around dreams (and cats, sort of).

It's no secret that twisted fairytales are one of my favourite things to write. I finally managed to publish Snow. I have another languishing in drafts.

Mythical creatures always get a look in don't they? I wrote about a mermaid in Cold and Salted , and demonic horse-things in For Your Protection.

And more!

How Am I Finding It?

I've had some near misses, posting very close to midnight.

I've had days where I've been exhausted, and my brain feels empty. But still... when I sit down to write, there's always something there. It's like my brain is a perfectly ordinary hat, ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, nothing in there at all, and then... tap tap tap ABRACADABRA and I'm yoinking that story out by it's long white ears.

I don't love it or hate it anymore. The challenge, I mean. The actual writing bit, I do like that. The having to... every day... I don't feel any kind of way about it, really. Just like I don't hate or love cleaning my teeth or washing my face.


I've had very little time to spare for writing, and I think if I hadn't set myself this minimum, I wouldn't have done any at all. While it's not been as productive as previous months, I still count it a success. I've done far more than I would have done if I hadn't cultivated a daily practice. Cody has also written about the benefits of minimums here.

I've been tired, and pulling more Stuff from in there somewhere has been more tiring still. The Write Equipment felt very real as I was writing it, like I was sacrificing so much to sit and bleed on the keyboard every day, and I didn't know how there was anything left. The wanky poem (Write) was a a real reflection of my days at the time I wrote it as well.

I think my favourite stories in May were Migraine and The New Echo. I was very happy with the concept for both, and pleased with every line. I managed to get a lot of layers in there, for anyone who cared to look. Good for me. The Write Equipment and Write are also up there with my favourites, because of how real and personal they feel.


Thank you for reading!


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  • Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.3 days ago

    This is an amazing reflection! It sounds like you're starting to feel the power of keeping a Habit! Know that, even if I am unable to read one day, I always catch up on your work, so you've got at least 1 person who will keep coming back for more! 💪 Also, that was incredibly kind of you to mention me, truly honored 🙏 🙇

  • Caroline Craven3 days ago

    That's a lot of work L.C - especially as you're saying it's one of your less productive months!?!? Wow! What a year. You're doing great.

  • I'd have died long ago if I were you, lol. Congratulations and keep going LC! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Most weeks I join the reedsy weekly competition which gives me a similar push to keep writing.. every week there's a different theme. https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/contests/254/

  • Caroline Jane4 days ago

    Impressive stuff, all to be applauded... and you haven't even mentioned the unofficial fucked up fairy challenge that you're hosting. You are one hell of a grafter!! Wow.

  • John Cox4 days ago

    You had me at over 10,000 reads!! It is truly astonishing that you have maintained both story quality and sanity through this process! Of course, I’m assuming that you have maintained the latter. I have to point out the pic you selected is a bit unsettling. 😳

  • Good on you for this! I have more free time right now than almost everyone on this planet and I still wouldn’t commit to this 🫣😅 It’s an impressive challenge to take on 💜

  • Well, I’m glad you keep writing! I genuinely love your work’ ❤️

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