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My Stupid Cat

25th May, Story #146/366

By L.C. SchäferPublished 21 days ago 3 min read
My Stupid Cat
Photo by James Park on Unsplash

I shouldn't of done it, but I was mad. Stupid cat.

Here's what happened, ok:

I caught her sleeping on the back of the sofa and I got an idea. I tiptoed round so so quiet. That's hard you know. And I lay down, real careful, so she wouldn't wake up. I shutted my eyes tight, and I tried to go to sleep. But it wouldn't and it wouldn't and it wouldn't.

And then Mum came in, and she goes, "Hannah!!!! Why have you got your SHOES on!!!! On the sofa!!!! Oh! and I just had it cleaned as well!!!!" and stuff like that.

Well, that made Tilly wake up and run away, like always, and I got mad, and then I cried. Mum went, "oh oh what's wrong" but I couldn't say. I didn't know how. I said, "I losted my cat," and she laughed and said, oh don't be silly, Hannah, she's only run into the kitchen".

But I don't mean the waked up cat. I mean the sleeping cat. The dreaming cat. That's the real Tilly, I think. I like her better when we are in the dream, anyway. She's calm and nice, not stupid and scared all the time.

After mum went to get more washing or chop up a carrot or whatever, I found waked-up-Tilly. I picked her up, a bit rough ok, and I lifted her right up, so she was by my face. I looked right into her eyes, and tried to make her tell me, "Where did you go?"

Stupid cat didn't answer me. She never did. Not when we were awake anyway.

I opened the door real quiet and dropped her outside it. "GO then, if you like going. GO." There were all these cars whizzing past, and she stood there, sort of crouching, looking froze. I shut the door hard. Then I was running, and then I was on my pillow and crying a bit, and squashing my face into it.

Mum was so cross when she found out what I'd done. She looked and looked but Tilly was gone. I looked too, in the Dream. But she never came back like she said she would.

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Word count: (excluding author's note): 366

Submitted on: 25th May at 22.28

*Quick Author's Note*

First, and most importantly:
thank you so much for reading my story! The ha'penny that Vocal will toss in my hat for your eyeballs landing on this humble piece will be well-spent. Another Lamborghini, maybe. Or a racehorse.

If you enjoyed this one, the very best compliment you can give me is to
share it, or read another!

A Year of Stories: I'm writing a story every day this year. This one continues my 146 day streak since 1st January!

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The story behind the story: This carries on from this series of stories:

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Yes, I know it's "shouldn't have" not "shouldn't of". Consider it the character's voice 😁

Thank you

Thank you again, most especially if you are one of the wonderful people who has been staunchly reading these daily scribbles since the start of the year. I see you, and appreciate you very much indeed! 😁

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  • Dana Crandell18 days ago

    Well, it's been said already, of course, but the voice in this piece is perfect. How's the prospect of that Lamborghini coming along? 😉

  • If I was there, Hannah would have gotten a bitchslap from me!!

  • Even though it is miserable it is nice!

  • John Cox20 days ago

    Super convincing portrayal of the little girl's anger. Definitely raised the story's game, this one. Very impressive! Looking forward to more!

  • Caroline Craven21 days ago

    Totally agree with Dani. Your character’s voice is so convincing. It’s easy to slip back into the story and enjoy every minute of it. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  • This is really sad! Very well written though LC!

  • Cathy holmes21 days ago

    Uh oh. Hannah probably shouldn't have that. Although I do believe she'll be back.

  • The Dani Writer21 days ago

    Writing and staying in "character voice" takes real focus, and you've shown you've got that level of skill. Truly admirable!

  • JBaz21 days ago

    Great concept, this story has possibilities for a longer one. (Then again all of your stories do) This one has the ability to be a little freakier if extended

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