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Why Troubled Children Have an Increased Trauma In Society

That's the problem with society no one wants to listen.

By Louise Blake-Michael (Risen Phoenix)Published 2 months ago 4 min read
Why Troubled Children Have an Increased Trauma In Society
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As a former "troubled child" I learned two things normal communication even in the 90s was difficult for me. One, I learned no one listens. Two, if I have a meltdown I will be restrained. Most troubled children like myself when restrained by professionals who wouldn't listen to me traumatized me enough but being able to not move embraced with a professional gripping my hands. That was beyond traumatizing. I didn't know this was still a common practice until I overheard one of my peers who is a major in Psychology interning at some nonprofit agency that's similar to the 90s verse of Latch Key.

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Here is what I can say as a former traumatised child two things are important to know: One, if you ignore me I will see it as you don't care and I will scream. Two, if I scream I am already afraid because two things will happen you will restrain me which will traumatise me further.

My peer I don't even know her name let's call her "Ashley" she was bragging on how as a last resort employees have the right to restrain the child for three reasons: if that child is scream, if they throw themselves on the floor, or self-harm unintentionally.

From my point of view, know that's what happened to me in latch key I ran away from the aid at Recess, climbing to the highest part on the jungle jim and said I wasn't going inside. I want to go home you're going to hurt me.

When I had overheard what Ashley said: As a last resort employees have the right to restrain the child for three reasons: if that child is scream, if they throw themselves on the floor, or self-harm unintentionally.

My thought process was different, then hers. I said "I don't agree with this it's morally wrong. And inhumane have you ever thought of just listening."

She ignored me and was just listening to herself speak. My other peer I will call her Nova I could tell she knew all too well. I really made my intentions known.

When she still didn't listen I say under my breath: Idiot, and foolish girl.

She hears this of course, and tries to convince me she is right.

Any good parent if they find out of this inhumane act would sue the agency and you. You would lose your licenses before even getting a chance to practice.

That's only best case scenario, I'm thinking in my head. Ashley still trying to convince me and conform to her thoughts and methods.

"I don't take pleasure in this."

"Than why are you bragging about it."

She dismisses me and ignores me I call her an idiot again she looks at me glaring.

"I said what do you want to listen or are just fascinated with your own voice."

I was beyond mortified and walked way to a abandoned of people classroom and blasted to people who would actually listen. And it's still just a preview. I'm still trying to think of how to air this out.

This is just a preview of what's to come and it was just mostly me ranting. I wanted to wait to start sharing once I have more content to share.

I used to hold a lot of respect to Professor Tiffany now I feel a little differently about her. When she said today when I had emailed her that my professional option was biased. Restraining a child is okay to do, and i shouldn't have butted into a conversation. Like I know I shouldn't have butted in, but when I know something isn't right I should have the right to say something. And when working in a government setting I think there is a gray area about biased and unbiased thoughts. There are human morals that need to be considered. I feel like though my peer has her opinion it will in the long run be her undoing. And as a a future Social Worker think there are gray areas that need to be addressed. I feel like I was right and just to say something. I don't have to hold that on my conscience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, please comment, heart, and subscribe. I really appreciate those who read my content. I hope to make more with time. This year has been a bumpy jumpy ride. I will share next "

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  • Daphsam2 months ago

    Well written.

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