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Warding and Influencing

Trấn Yểm

By Hải PhạmPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

We often hear intriguing stories about a family or a certain region being "trấn yểm," but not everyone knows what "trấn yểm" truly means.

In terms of meaning, "trấn" implies coercion, imposition, forcefully altering something in an openly visible manner. In feng shui, "trấn" refers to the form of construction or placement to alter the interaction of energy in the environment, which can be visibly observed on the ground.

"Yểm" signifies changing interactions but with a secretive, obscure, or deeply hidden nature, making it difficult to perceive.

Typically, in "trấn yểm," special objects are often used to sabotage others' health, fortune, relationships, or economy. However, the ultimate goal of "trấn yểm" is also to affect human interaction, and there are methods of "trấn yểm" that bring benefits to humans, such as dispelling negative energy to protect health.

Principles of Trấn Yểm

Graveyards: "Trấn yểm" is used to confine or control spirits, aiming to increase or decrease the spiritual energy in a place to positively or negatively influence descendants or lineage. This often leads to negative effects. "Trấn yểm" can be done in various ways, such as:

Creating an assembly that summons spiritual beings with high energy but filled with negative energy. It's important to understand that energy comes in two forms: yin and yang, with corresponding negative and positive energies. When balanced and grown together, it's beneficial; otherwise, it's detrimental.

Harmonizing corresponding elements, seeking corresponding energy: Any natural or societal phenomenon that generates energy also produces corresponding energy effects. For example, mountains, flags, images of leaders, sharp objects, spheres, the Big Dipper constellation, etc.

Exchange of Energy (negative generates positive, positive generates negative): The strength or weakness of the energy of the warding object depends on its significance, material, size (whether large or small), and the duration of use. The more appropriate the material, the larger the size, and the clearer the significance, the stronger the energy. For example, placing an object emitting negative energy at geographical points, such as a stone, a talisman, a metal object, or burying someone alive to control their soul... Or sending an item to someone containing negative energy to cause psychological breakdown or illness.

Land: Ancients often said, "the land breeds talents," implying places with very strong energy fields often lie on major earth veins or smaller branches of a country or region. These are places where spiritual energy intersects between heaven and earth (where spirits go to learn and transcend, and where supernatural beings communicate with humans). This energy field helps both humans and all beings in the universe to be healthy, talented, virtuous, and have extraordinary intelligence. Therefore, since ancient times, a small group out of envy has always sought ways to restrain, even deplete energy... by practicing occult warding techniques.

*Methods of Counteracting:

We need to understand that spiritual energy here also affects the divine beings in the earthly realm, who are responsible for managing affairs there, limiting their ability to work. Often, the energies emitted are extremely negative. Sometimes, in warding divine beings, they even use positive negative energies to suppress them.

To counteract warding, one needs to identify the level of warding through their energy layers. To do this, you need to have a very high spiritual energy field and sensitivity to energy waves.

Counteracting warding is not a simple task and not everyone can do it. You can use quartz crystals, talismans, or Buddhist chants to counteract, or assemble to seek the protection of superior beings for assistance... But all in all, it requires a spiritual energy intensity much greater than that of the warding energy. After completion, you must check the vitality, spiritual energy of the place again, as sometimes there are remnants of negative energy that need to be removed, then increase the vitality of the place, repeating several times until completely eliminated.

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