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Llama Drama

A Slice of Life, Love, and Lost Cake

By MidasPublished 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 3 min read

Scene: A cozy, yet cramped, one-bedroom flat in the heart of London. The eclectic mismatch of furniture adds a warm charm to the place. A small kitchen, overflowing with love, laughter, and an unusual number of cake crumbs, takes center stage.

Enter Alfie, 35, an IT consultant with a quick wit and a laugh that could light up a room. He's got an average build, curly hair that never quite stays in place, and glasses perched precariously on his nose. His hands are almost perpetually stained with chocolate - a testimony to his insatiable sweet tooth. He's comfortably dressed in worn-out jeans and his favorite band's t-shirt. His endearing personality fills the room, making it seem more spacious than it is.

Enter Marge, 32, a nocturnal copywriter with an uncanny knack for inviting chaos. Her wavy hair is usually tied up in a bun, and she sports a pair of comfy pajamas with a whimsical pattern that matches her spirit. Her eyes, full of mirth, hold the promise of the next big adventure. Marge has a propensity for after-midnight online shopping that often results in the most unexpected deliveries.

Today, a rogue llama - an unintended result of Marge's latest midnight shopping spree - takes up residence in their kitchen, devouring Alfie's beloved birthday cake. The ensuing hilarity of Alfie and Marge trying to evict their uninvited guest sets the stage for a laugh-out-loud comedy.

Curtains up on "Llama Drama" – a lighthearted exploration of love, laughter, and the lengths one couple will go for a piece of cake.

"Alfie, why's there a llama in the kitchen?"

"What? A llama? Don't be daft, Marge."

"No, I mean it, Alfie. There's a llama in the kitchen. It's eating your birthday cake."

"What?! Not my triple chocolate gateau?!"

"Sorry, Alfie. It’s a goner."

"That's it, Marge. I've told you before. No more online shopping after midnight."

"But Alfie, the deal was too good to pass up!"

"Marge, we live in a one-bedroom flat. Where in blazes did you think a llama would fit?"

"I thought it’d be more… petite."

"Marge, ‘petite’ and ‘llama’ don’t belong in the same sentence."

"But it said 'miniature' on the website, Alfie."

"Clearly they lied, Marge. They've sold you a woolly mammoth in sheep's clothing!"

"Alfie, that doesn’t even make sense."

"You bought a llama, Marge! We've gone beyond making sense."

"Fair point."

"Now, where's my birthday cake?"

"Gone, Alfie. The llama ate it."

"Right. Okay, let's focus. How do we get a llama out of our kitchen?"

"Maybe we could lure it out with more cake?"

"Marge, you're not feeding that llama my replacement cake."

"I was thinking of the fruitcake from Aunt Edna, Alfie."

"No, Marge. Not even a llama deserves that."

"So, what do we do then?"

"Right, let me think. Llamas…they like, uh, carrots, right?"

"That’s rabbits, Alfie."

"Are you sure? Maybe we could try..."

"Alfie, stop. We're not risking our fingers. Or the carrots."

"You're right, Marge. Sorry, got carried away."

"We need a plan."

"Right, a plan. Do we…call someone?"

"Like who, Alfie? The llama whisperer?"

"No need to get snippy, Marge. This is a crisis."

"Oh, I’m sorry. Is the llama eating your cake and trashing our kitchen a crisis, Alfie?"

"Alright, alright. No need to be sarcastic."

"Maybe we just leave it, Alfie. Let it eat, have a nap, then show it the door."

"Marge, it's a llama, not an uncle."

"Alfie, I’m serious. Let it get comfortable, and then we usher it out. Gently."

"Marge, you're a genius."

"I know, Alfie. I know."

"And, Marge?"

"Yes, Alfie?"

"Next time, stick to cat videos after midnight."

"Deal, Alfie. Deal."

"There's just one thing left to do, Marge."

"What's that, Alfie?"

"Order another birthday cake."

"Already done, Alfie."

"I knew I married you for a reason, Marge."

"I know, Alfie. I know."


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Hello! I'm Midas, the storytelling enthusiast. From mythical tales to high-stakes adventures, I bring life's magic to paper. When not weaving words, I delve into books or on a global escapade. Join me, as every tale is a golden adventure!

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