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If I Took a DeLorean Back in Time 30 Years

This is what I’d tell 18-Year-Old Jason

By Jason ProvencioPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Let’s gun this thing to 88 MPH and go encourage 1992 Jason. He needs it. Photo: Movie screenshot

One of my two favorite movies of all time is Back to the Future. I’ve seen that movie the most times out of any other movie, at least 100 times. It’s just wonderful.

I started to think about it the other day and the scenario of traveling back 30 years into the past. What would I do? Who would I visit? Most importantly, what would I tell my 18-year-old self that I know now, as a 48-year-old middle-aged man?

First off, I couldn’t go back to 1993 and talk to myself. That would create the dreaded paradox that would disrupt the space-time continuum and destroy humanity. I wouldn’t want that for you all and your loved ones. I’m not that selfish.

So I’ll settle for making a list of things I’d love to be able to tell my 18-year-old self from 1993. This should make for a fun, interesting little list. Let’s gun this keyboard to 88 words per minute and see if we can make some fire trails.

You Are Not Going to Be Lonely For Long

Don’t worry, young Jason. You’re going to do just fine, soon. Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

1993-Jason was a pretty lonely fella. He didn’t date until a couple of years after 1993. Though 18-year-old Jason had a few girls who had crushes on him, he didn’t feel the same way. He was waiting for someone he truly had romantic feelings toward.

He liked pretty girls. Though he wasn’t some prize package himself, he had a set of self-imposed standards for someone he hoped to date. But he needed to work on a few things first

I would tell 1993 Me to put down the Super Nintendo controller for at least an hour a day and get to work at the gym. If you expect to date pretty girls, you might want to improve upon your 5 foot 11 3/4, 155 lb. skinny yet with a slight-gamer belly physique by spending a little time at the gym.

18-year-old Jason DID in fact realize this a couple of years later, joined a gym and started lifting weights. He would meet his first wife and the mother of his daughter a year later. But I’d sure like to reassure 1992 Him that he was going to be ok.

Don’t Think With Your Dick

Important decisions that can negatively affect your quality of life should be made with your larger head. Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Related to the first topic, 2023 Jason would like to tell 1993 Jason to make good choices when choosing who to date. 1993 Jason might be surprised to know that he only would have five long-term, committed relationships by 2023, two of which would be marriages.

But a number of them would be dicey. A few feelings would be hurt over 30 years. Middle-aged Jason would caution Younger Jason not to “Go around, breakin’ young girls’ hearts.” Michael Jackson was wise about this one.

Though 1993 Jason would become anything but a man-whore, he still would regret some of his dating decisions. Some caused him a lot of undue stress and regret. Be smart, don’t be a slacker.

Always Stand For What’s Right, Even Against Tough Opponents

Always stand up for what’s right. Holy shit, what a punch.

1993 Jason was still a pretty timid fella. He didn’t enjoy “confrontations.” He still lived at home at age 18 and didn’t enjoy conflict with his overbearing father. He thought about moving out on his own, often.

2023 Jason would tell younger Jason not to worry about such things. He’d find his voice, and leave behind the domineering, controlling environment he was raised in. He’d stand for what’s right for just about all of his adult life.

He’d even tell his father to go fuck himself, four years later over Sunday dinner, in front of the youth pastor of his church. You can read about that here:

Invest in Real Estate Earlier Than You Did

This first home you bought is worth almost $200,000 more than you paid, 10 years later. Hold onto it.

1993 Jason had no thoughts about the future, at least in terms of financial well-being. He rented the first place of his own with one of his close friends in 1996. What fun that was, living on his own for the first time.

The thought of buying his first home wouldn’t occur to him until becoming a real estate agent in 2003. That little 850-square-foot home that was purchased for $66,500 and sold two years later for $85,000 is now worth about $260,000. “Got the place fixed up nice, eh McFly.”

Buy and HOLD, 18-year-old Jason. Your other two homes you owned after that, along with that first one, combined would sell for over a million dollars. Renters are pains in the ass, but most wealth comes from buying and selling real estate.

Do Something You Love For a Living, Like Writing

You have a bright future as a writer, my friend. Start sooner. Make your dreams happen, through writing.

I’d love to tell 1993 Jason about the concept of loving what you do for a living. I’d encourage him to find his passion and his dream, and make a living doing that. “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish ANYTHING.”

Retail sales and management won’t be it. Selling real estate won’t be it, either. It might feel like it when you have your best years making just over a six-figure income. But money isn’t everything.

When the market tanks and you’re struggling financially, you’ll see what I mean. Running a carpet cleaning company for a dozen years to supplement that lost real estate income seems like the responsible thing to do, but ask 48-year-old Jason how his lower back is feeling today. Spoiler alert: It’s fucking sore.

Laying flat and typing out this morning’s blog helps. Finding my writing career just over a year ago has made me happier and feeling more fulfilled than even those best years in real estate. You’ll see what I mean.

And wait until you meet all of the awesome writing friends you’ll know because of this. They are such kick-ass people. They’re reading this as we speak. &:^)


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