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How to move on from one a sided love?

How to move on from one sided love?

By Salman siddiquePublished 3 months ago 4 min read
how to move on from a one sided love

How to move on from a one sided love?

Lets start with a short poem,

In the quiet corners of my heart, a tale unfolds,

A story of one-sided love, its narrative untold.

A solitary ember, glowing in the shadows,

Igniting feelings, where unspoken love often grows.

Silent whispers echo, lost in the breeze,

Yearning for reciprocation, a tender heart at ease.

The canvas of emotions painted with hues,

Of love unreturned, yet it continues to fuse.

A symphony of longing, a melancholic song,

Unrequited echoes, where emotions belong.

In the garden of hope, where dreams take flight,

A solitary bloom, bathed in the moon's soft light.

Yet, in the solitude of this one-sided dance,

Resides a strength, a poignant romance.

For love unreturned, like a bittersweet wine,

A vintage of emotions, aged in the heart's confine.

Each heartbeat, a verse in this ballad of one,

A story of resilience, when the setting sun

Illuminates the tears, the unshed cries,

Yet within, a spark of hope eternally lies.

Oh, unrequited love, a tapestry of pain,

Yet within its threads, an artistry to gain.

For in the caverns of the lone heart's shore,

A masterpiece of self-love begins to soar.

So let the stars witness this one-sided ballet,

As the heart dances on, come what may.

For in the realm of unrequited affection,

Blooms a garden of self-discovery's perfection.

1. Unveiling the Symphony Within:

In the grand orchestra of emotions, see your heart as a symphony, each beat a note in your unique melody. Unrequited love is not a solo tragedy; it's an opportunity to embrace the spotlight of self-love. Imagine your heart as the lead instrument, creating a soul-stirring composition that echoes your worth and resilience.

2. The Protagonist of Your Epic:

Envision yourself as the hero of an epic saga, where unrequited love is but a fleeting chapter. You are the storyteller, and your life unfolds with every step. Despite the heartache, recognize that the best chapters are yet to be written. Embrace the unexpected twists and turns as part of a narrative that promises growth, strength, and profound self-discovery.

3. Cultivating the Garden of Self-Discovery:

Picture your heart as a garden waiting to bloom, each emotion a vibrant blossom of self-discovery. Instead of dwelling on what wasn't reciprocated, let self-love be the sunlight that nurtures your growth. Every step you take is a journey toward acceptance, where the beauty of your soul unfolds like petals in full bloom, radiating an undeniable inner strength.

4. Transforming Unspoken Words into Melody:

Envision your unspoken feelings as a powerful melody, a song accompanying you as you gracefully depart from unrequited love. Those unspoken words are not abandoned; they transform into a resounding soundtrack of resilience. Each step resonates with the music of strength, turning what could have been into a masterpiece of self-expression, a testament to your inner fortitude.

5. Rising from the Ashes:

See yourself as a phoenix rising from the ashes of unfulfilled desires. The experiences that didn't flourish are not setbacks but stepping stones to your rebirth. Let the embers of what didn't work out fuel the flames of self-discovery, and emerge stronger, more vibrant, and ready for the next act in the grand theater of life.

6. The Universe as Your Audience:

Envision the vast universe as your appreciative audience, witnessing the brilliance of your solo performance. Every move you make echoes across the cosmic stage, and the universe applauds your courage. Trust that you are being prepared for a more magnificent act, as your dance leaves an indelible mark on the grand tapestry of existence.

7. Dancing to Your Own Rhythm:

In the grand ballroom of life, revel in the joy of dancing to your own rhythm. Each twirl and step is a celebration of your uniqueness. Your completeness doesn't hinge on a dance partner; it radiates from within. Enjoy the solo performance, knowing that the universe, with its unpredictable choreography, may surprise you with a partner perfectly attuned to your rhythm, creating a dance of unparalleled harmony.

So, dear dreamer, let the resounding notes of self-love guide your dance. Your journey is an unfolding masterpiece, and the grand finale is yet to come.

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  • D. A. Ratliff3 months ago

    As the song says, one is the loneliest number.

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