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By Mary MagentaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Image by Roland Klampfer from Pixabay

It was a hot summer, the kind of heat that makes you sweat even in an air-conditioned room. Dee and I had been walking around barely wearing anything for days, and this was one of those days when we didn't even try to fight keeping our hands off each other.

I sat up in bed and took a sip of my ice water, and an ice cube slid into my mouth; it was still big enough that I couldn't bite into it. So I looked over my shoulder, to my partner sprawled on the bed completely naked, their eyes closed, with that satisfied glow about them. I leaned in, and as they felt the mattresses shift, they puckered, ready for me to kiss them, without even opening their eyes. The ice cube peeked through my lips and touched theirs. Dee smiled and kissed me gently.

Taking their smile as permission, I proceeded to draw a line down their body with the ice, starting where the curve of the jaw met their neck, taking a quick detour up to the shoulder before sliding down diagonally to the clavicle. The skin under my hands raised with chills, I brushed their hard nipples with my thumbs as the ice ran down the centre of their chest, I tilted my head to the side, drawing the line horizontally across their chest, and pushed the ice aside for a second to lick their nipple with my cold tongue.

Dee moaned loudly, and I felt them come alive as they grabbed the back of my hair and held it tightly, while still letting me trace their waist with the ice between my lips. my body slid down theirs and I let my breasts touch them between the legs. My hands landed on their knees and moved up with a bit of pressure to massage their thick smooth thighs as I ran the ice under their navel across their body. I wanted their tongue more than anything.

I sucked the ice into my mouth and sat up, straddling Dee, I leaned in and they quickly pulled me in for a kiss, I felt the ice dance between our tongues, and as it got smaller, I lost track of who was in control of it. when we broke the kiss, Dee had the ice. They swung me around onto the bed, and I landed on my stomach. Dee brushed my hair away and leaned it, touching the ice to the skin behind my ear and pulling it down my neck and spine. My back arched as I felt the cold sizzling against my hot skin. Dee's hands held onto my hips and slowly pulled up, so that my knees would bend, while they ran the ice gently between my ass cheeks. Their tongue reached and licked me from my clit to my taint. I shivered, and Dee let go of the ice, which was almost gone; it slid down my vulva and brushed my clit before dissolving away.

Dee knelt up behind me and teased my wet slit, I kept my face to the mattress, but I could still turn and look over my shoulder to meet their mischievous eyes and give them a teasing smile.

They slid inside of me slowly, slowly in, pushing all of the air out of me; they kept going, slowly, and I let my breath follow the rhythm, and soon, so were my moans. Dee had one hand on top of my ass, they slapped and grabbed on hard, I felt the skin burn under their tight grip, and I pulled the sheets close to me as I felt my body tightened. Dee felt it as well, and pushed themselves into me again, feeling every bit of me.

Finally, their arm wrapped around my waist as they hinged forward over me, their hot breath back where they had first touched me with the ice. I turned my head and our lips met in a kiss, our tongues soon met, licking moans into the other as we both let ourselves surrender and melt into climax.

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Mary Magenta

Come to me for your erotic needs.

Through my stories, I like exploring my own sexuality and fantasies. I hope you enjoy.

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