Rowan Marley

Rowan Marley is a 20-year-old sports enthusiast who hails from Brooklyn. When he's not hitting up a local Zumba class, he's drinking organic smoothies. That's just how he rolls.

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How to Shop For Clothing (When You Have Body Dysmorphia)
5 days ago
I don't know what I look like. I literally have a very hard time figuring out what my body looks like. I don't know if I'm fat, thin, athletic, curvy, or twiggy. I'm told I look alright, maybe, but I ...
10 Signs Someone Doesn't Know Anything About Crypto
18 days ago
I remember going on a date with a guy who claimed to be a tech geek. He was one of those types who absolutely needed to feel like he was the smartest, most educated man in the room—even when it was cl...
How to Tell If She Has a Crush on You
18 days ago
I'm the guy who my friends go to when they want the scoop on a girl they're interested in. Among my crew, it's kind of what I do. My friends tend to be pretty thankful about it, too. I've helped them ...
How to Help Someone Who Is Having a Panic Attack
a month ago
Anyone who has ever met me can tell you that I have extreme anxiety dealing with work. It's so bad, I've been known to take walking breaks so that I can keep myself together—and at times, that doesn't...
Top 10 Laptops for Photo Editing in 2018
a month ago
If there's one thing that has become very clear in recent years, it's that certain professions need better quality laptops than others. Most writers can get away with having a computer that's old enou...
10 Things You Didn't Know About Tesla
2 months ago
Tesla is one of the hottest new car companies of the century and has helped usher in an era of electric cars. As Tesla grew in popularity, people started to talk about all the little facts about Tesla...