Rowan Marley

Rowan Marley is a 20-year-old sports enthusiast who hails from Brooklyn. When he's not hitting up a local Zumba class, he's drinking organic smoothies. That's just how he rolls.

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Best Resources for Veterans Returning Home
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War is hell. We all know this, but no one knows it better than a veteran who has seen it personally. Those who have done their patriotic duty and are now returning home often end up feeling a new type...
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How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Faster
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Recently, I used a calculator to discover a pretty shocking statistic. If you have $5,000 in credit card debt and you're paying a minimum payment of $90 per month at around 19.90 percent interest, it ...
Types of People Outside of Every Military Base You Will Meet
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Once you join the military, it becomes pretty easy to get accustomed to life on base—even when you're in a different country. You know your fellow troops, know what to expect of them, and also can rel...