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10 Signs You're His Side Piece

He says he loves you, but something doesn't feel right. However hard it may be to hear, it could be that you're his side piece.

By Rowan MarleyPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Cheating is not something anyone wants to deal with when they're in a relationship. Unfortunately, cheating is as old as humanity itself, and it's also extremely prevalent in today's dating scene. Studies suggest that around half of all couples will experience infidelity of one kind or another during their relationships.

It goes without saying that affairs hurt and annihilate trust in a relationship. The only thing that's worse than being cheated on is finding out that you're actually your partner's side piece. That means that you aren't even his main squeeze; he didn't respect you enough to give you that!

Wondering if your partner is actually with you, or if you're just something fun on the side? Watch out for the signs you're his side piece, and you'll be able to figure things out pretty quickly.

People who are having an affair will not spend the majority of their time with their side pieces. That time is spent with their main girl, because they are the priority or because the main girl would get suspicious. He's not thinking long term with you.

As a side chick, you are going to be the one that gets the "table scraps" of time. So, while the main chick is getting time on the weekends, you might get date nights on the weekdays or even just quick lunch meetups.

So, take a look at when you see him. If the times are strange, take it as one of the most common signs you're his side piece.

When he suddenly dips or can't make a special occasion, the excuses he offers are flimsy.

Guys who are trying to get lucky with a side piece aren't going to care much about telling you the truth. They just want to get their jollies and get you to put up with a lack of attention on your end. To get you to put up and shut up, they'll come up with excuses as to why they can't see you.

"No, babe, I really did have to stay until 11 PM at my 9 to 5."

If he's giving excuses like that, then dump him, he's not worth playing the "what if" game with.

Meeting the family and hanging out with his friends are things that guys leave to their main chick. This is not something that most men will do when they are dealing with a side chick, simply because it creates a very awkward situation for people to deal with.

Guys who are having affairs will not introduce the side chick to their posse, simply because of the sheer risk that it holds. Someone might say something to the main girl, the side girl, or just get very confused—which could tip the side girl off.

When it comes to dates, he's stingy—or super lavish.

Guys who are fooling around with multiple women tend to behave one of two ways when it comes to money. They will either rent out luxury rooms and pop champagne with you, or they'll constantly act like they're struggling to make ends meet. It's always one of the two extremes.

You should take a look for unusually lavish spending or unusual frugality. Both are signs you're his side piece, simply because of what they tend to suggest. One suggests that you're his "escape" from a relationship he doesn't like. The other suggests that he's spending all his money on someone else.

One of the most telling signs you're his side piece deals with his living situation—and whether or not he ever invites you over for the night. A guy who's legitimately single will not have a problem spending a night with you in his own place.

If you're his side girl, he won't let you spend the night. Even having you in his home might be something that's pointedly off-limits. This is because he may have a wife or girlfriend there, or that there will be evidence of him living with the main chick out in the forefront.

He's not even interested in having a drawer at your place, either.

His social media game is really strange.

Does he have a Facebook that doesn't match the name on his ID card? Does he have a Snapchat that you constantly use to communicate with him, but you're still not his Snapchat best friend? Does it always seem like you're not getting the full story about him, or that you're being hidden from his real social media account? If he was in it for the long term, he'd be happy to take pictures with you.

If so, then all those social media quirks are signs you're his side piece. For all you know, he could be sending those elusive dick pics to a dozen other girls.

There's something about cheating and affairs that seems to turn men into super secret agents that would make the KGB jealous. When asked about his past, or even about where he lives or what he does, do you find yourself to be unable to get any information out of him?

That tight-lipped demeanor is one of the most telling signs you're his side piece, rather than his main squeeze. If he was in a relationship with you, he'd be telling you everything that happens to him.

By keeping things a secret, he's hoping that you will not have enough ammunition to actually lash out at him once you realize you're his side chick.

PDA is a major no-no for him.

Don't get me wrong; this isn't always one of the sure signs you're his side piece. However, it is something to get worried about when you are dating him. Most guys won't mind holding hands and a peck on the cheek. If he's very serious about refusing any form of PDA, you need to wonder why.

It could very well be that he's building up plausible deniability this way. If no one sees him kissing you, he can say that he's just your friend and keep treating you like a booty call.

A man does not want to be seen with his side piece, period. He also doesn't want photographic evidence of his cheating that could be found online or sent to his main girl.

If he looks like he's ready to dodge the camera and say, "No comment," he's very unlikely that you are his main girl. This is doubly true if he removes any photo tags you have with his name.

His phone is 100 percent off-limits.

If you ask most people for signs you're his side piece, they'll bring up the phone issue. A guy who is totally glued to his phone and will never let you touch it is a person who is very guarded about something going on in his life.

Most cheaters will not let anyone near their phone because doing so will blow everything up. So, if he's smart and cheating, his phone will never end up in your hands.

Should you notice this behavior, you should act accordingly and dump him. Do what's best for you. Love shouldn't hurt like it sometimes does when you're just the girl on the side.


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