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10 X-Men Movie Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense

X-Men movie fan theories are known for being far out, but are they really that far off?

10 X-Men Movie Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense

Back when I was in college, I had a friend named Sam. Sam was the type of person who really loved to read into comics, cartoons, and books to find secret meanings. Talking to him was always a kick, primarily because I never knew what fan theories he'd come up with.

I remember that one of his X-Men movie fan theories really blew me away. He suggested that mutations were an allegory for being gay, and that the comics discussed the way gay people had to fight for acceptance in mainstream society. It kind of made sense—but not really.

Geeks can tell you that there are a lot of fan theories about the X-Men movie franchise out there. Most sound crazy until you actually hear them out. Here are some of the more believable ones you might have heard, plus some that only make sense under the right circumstances.

Wolverine was designed to be anti-mutant propaganda.

X-Men: Origins was a pretty dark movie, but one character had a darker origin than most others. Wolverine's creation involved government scientists, and let's face it, his character is kind of an asshole.

This movie also wasn't exactly the greatest when looking at the X-Men films ranked from worst to best. It was poorly written, the dialogue sucked, and it started to look like Hugh Jackman was over being Wolverine.

Some fans believe that Wolverine was actually meant to be an in-universe anti-mutant propaganda character. This might be a little stretch, but then again, mutants really aren't positively portrayed in a lot of films.

The reason why Sabertooth looks the way he does is due to gene editing.

In the movies, Stryker points out that Sabertooth wouldn't survive adamantium bone bonding like Wolverine did. So, how did he get the powers he had? It could be a glitch, but one of the more unusual X-Men movie fan theories might be onto something.

Some believe Stryker may have done some gene editing on him in order to push him through the program. The editing may be the reason he has a more feral appearance—and why he survived the gene editing at all.

Magneto's mutating machine really did work after all.

In the original X-Men, Magneto created a machine that was supposed to turn humans into mutants. He originally tested the device on an anti-mutant senator who turned into an aquatic being before dissolving into water.

The film suggested that the machine was a failure, but hold on a second to reconsider. What if the reason the senator died had something to do with him being on land? What if his body was meant to be aquatic after the mutation took hold?

This is one of the more obscure X-Men movie fan theories, but oh God, it is so cool. You might remember that Magneto was imprisoned in a chamber during X-Men: Days of Future Past. Do you remember his crime?

It was trying to kill President John F. Kennedy.

When the X-Men come to save him, Magneto drops a major lore bomb no one seems to notice. Magneto says he was trying to save the president because he was "one of us."

So, what was JFK's superpower? Many believe it to have been super charisma, considering how well he was known for getting along with everyone. It would also have been perfect for skating under the radar.

Apocalypse has a stronger version of Rogue's powers.

I'm not sure how much I believe of this fan theory, but it definitely would make a little sense. Rogue is known for being able to take other mutants' powers and life force for a short amount of time. Apocalypse has a huge variety of powers unlike anything else seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

How Apocalypse became so strong remains to be seen. One of the more popular X-Men movie fan theories suggests, though, that Apocalypse has Rogue's powers, but a little stronger. Rather than the powers becoming temporary, his might be permanent!

Jean Grey will destroy the X-Men franchise.

Ever since Marvel's announcement of the return of Jean Gray in Phoenix: Resurrection, this fan theory might make a little bit of sense since it's been circulating the net.

Jean Grey's alter ego is dangerous—like, psychotically dangerous. In the comic book, Dark Phoenix almost kills an entire universe. If movie producers wanted to kill off the X-Men movie franchise, Jean Grey's imperceptible power would be the way to do it.

Mystique will be killed in the next X-Men movie.

Mystique, the blue-skinned vixen, is a fan favorite. She's been around ever since X-Men: First Class, and caused quite a few major fight scenes in the franchise. There's also strong evidence that at least one major character will end up being killed in the Dark Pheonix movie.

A lot of X-Men movie fan theories are swirling about who could be killed. Rumor has it that Mystique might be on the chopping block, though little evidence suggests it to be fully confirmed.

Kitty Pryde got a secondary mutation that no one noticed.

Oh, Kitty. You really don't seem to get the love you deserve—but fans do notice you. A common theory is that Kitty Pryde gained a secondary power during the film, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In the comics, she can only phase through solid matter like walls. So, how did she send someone's consciousness back in time? The only real explanation would be a secondary mutation that was not covered in comics. This could prove to be an X-Men story a future film should adapt for its cinematic value, but all we can say for now is that something interesting is going on beneath the surface of Kitty's powers.

The Avengers live in the same cinematic universe as X-Men.

This is a fan theory that's been hotly debated and often teased out by Marvel—and let's face it, this could potentially create one of the most intense crossovers of all time. The X-Men and the Avengers were never seen in the same movie, but they're both extant in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Lately, there have allegedly been leaked conversations from workers in Marvel talking about the possibility of the Avengers and X-Men existing in the same cinematic universe on screen. Should this be true, it's likely that there will eventually be an X-Men movie that features someone like Captain America. Wild, right?

Jean Grey could be seen as a little girl in 'Days of Future Past.'

Only serious True Believers will notice this one. The Rogue Cut version of X-Men: Days of Future Past had a clip of a young, redheaded girl playing right below Magneto while he used the RFK Stadium to surround the white house.

Many people assumed that Jean Grey was that little girl... and they were right! This was one of the handful of X-Men movie fan theories proven correct. Creators placed that girl there with the sole intent of foreshadowing Jean Grey's presence in Dr. Xavier's school.

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