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Top Fittest Porn Stars
2 days ago
Science has proven that the vast majority of people find physical fitness to be sexually attractive. That's why a lot of people in the adult movie industry tend to be health nuts alongside major fans ...
Most Followed Photographers on Instagram
2 days ago
Coming up with a good idea for a photo shoot isn't easy—nor is actually doing a photo shoot from start to finish. Truthfully, the hardest part to deal with is the creative part. Money can buy good cam...
Mortgage Tips for First-Time Homebuyers to Know
3 days ago
If you're like me, you have heard some serious horror stories from homebuyers who lost their homes during the Great Recession. Getting a mortgage is a risky endeavor which basically locks you into an ...
Signs Your Significant Other Is Giving You Anxiety
4 days ago
My relationship with my baby daddy was one that I honestly believe killed a huge part of me. At the time, I was an anxiety-ridden, needy wreck of a person who legitimately just wanted to be comforted....
Steps to Take to Start Investing in the Stock Market
5 days ago
Most of us are aware that investing in stocks is a must if you want to get rich. Wages alone will not be what carries most people into wealth, and if you want to get rich (or even afford to retire lat...
Stocks Billionaires Own That May Interest You
5 days ago
It's often said that billionaires tend to invest their money in different ways than the average person. In many ways, this is true. A typical billionaire has a lot of investing methods available to th...