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10 Retro Television Tropes That No Longer Exist
2 months ago
Remember when you were four years old and you thought that your mom making farting noises on your stomach was comedic gold? These days, it probably takes something a little more than just blowing a ra...
I Tried the Home Chef Meal Delivery Kit, and I'm Hooked
2 months ago
People are ordering kits that teach you how to make gourmet dishes, complete with pre-packaged ingredients sealed for freshness. It's a concept that seems so simple, and yet has revolutionized the way that people do dinner. Meal prep delivery kits, as they're known, are designed to help people learn to cook, eat better meals, keep portions in control, and also possibly even save you a little bit of money in the long run. There's a meal prep kit for every lifestyle—as long as you look hard enough...
The 15 Most Bizarre Monsters from Medieval Folklore
2 months ago
What do you think of when someone mentions monsters from Medieval folklore? Do you think of werewolves, like France's loup-garou? Do you typically think of dragons from British legends? What about fai...
How to Handle Rejection like a Pro
2 months ago
If there's one person who knows rejection, it's me. I was a reject from the day I was born. I was told by just about everyone who I've ever met that I wasn't what they wanted. It didn't matter if it w...
10 Cookbooks with Historic Recipes You Can Make Yourself
3 months ago
Do you have a friend who enjoys Civil War reenactments, or yearns to take a historic tour through the Tower of London? If you have a history buff as a friend, then you already know that history buffs ...
Signs You Lack Self-Awareness
3 months ago
Did you ever meet someone who had zero idea of how he or she came across? They may have been exceptionally rude, unrealistic when it came to expectations, or just seemed clueless as to general social ...