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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of New Jersey. This is her work account. She loves gifts and tips, so if you like something, tip her!

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How to Become a Porn Star
25 days ago
Porn stars have very unusual lives that often include travel, photoshoots, and if you listen to the rumors, lots of money. If you look at the richest porn stars in the scene, it's clear that you can m...
We Tried the Soundbrenner Core: The 4-in-1 Wearable for Musicians
a month ago
Have you ever listened to a music track that was slightly off beat? I have, and let me tell you, it's pretty awful. It's best described as mentally jarring and undanceable; and yet, it's an issue that...
The Date Night Challenge: Two Couples Put LELO to the Test
a month ago
If there’s one thing I can proudly say about my close friends, it’s that they’re sexually adventurous and exceptionally sex-positive. We’re a crowd that loves talking about new research involving sexu...
15 Signs You're a Bridezilla
a month ago
"I've fucking HAD IT WITH YOU! You're an awful friend and don't support me at all!" My friend Hennessy's voice rang out through the apartment corridor, and she reached a screeching pitch that I didn't...
10 Great Gifts for Goth Music Lovers
a month ago
I'll admit it, I was a goth back in the day. Yes, it's true. I was the cringe-inducing babybat at the goth club, rocking my Demonias, and of course, saying the epic fail line of "OH MY GOTH!" whenever...
I Tried the FOREO LUNA fofo, and It Changed How I See My Skin
a month ago
Call me naive, but I honestly thought that my lifestyle would never catch up with my skin. I’ve always been told I have a very youthful appearance, and that I aged very well. Like most others out ther...