Liana Hewitt

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Types of Headaches and How to Deal with Them
3 days ago
There's nothing worse than suffering from a headache, but did you know there can be many different types of headaches that you can suffer from? The debilitating pain of a headache can be awful. Knowin...
Book Recommendations from 2018
a month ago
It’s that time again, my annual list of my favourite books that I have read during the year. Now these books aren’t all released during 2018. Some are new and some are older but all of them were a del...
How It Feels to Be a Divorcé at a Wedding
3 months ago
When I received the invitation to my friends' wedding in the mail I was ecstatic. I had known the couple a very longtime, the bride since high school, and anyone could see that they were perfect toget...
Instant Pot Thanksgiving Leftovers Soup
3 months ago
As a Canadian, this past weekend I have celebrated Thanksgiving. Getting together with friends and family and enjoying a meal is one of the best parts of celebrating Thanksgiving. Another great part o...
Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes
5 months ago
The thing about sweet potatoes is I always forget how much I love them until I eat them. Somewhere in my mind I think sweet potatoes are just okay but then I eat some and think where have you been all...
Instant Pot Garlic Chicken and Potatoes
6 months ago
Everyone knows my love for the Instant Pot. It makes delicious meals in the fraction of the time that traditional cooking does and the clean up is almost always as instant as the name of the pot would...