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Best Teas for Stress and Depression
6 months ago
How does tea calm me down? Whether you're looking for a remedy to soothe your depression or stress, tea can certainly help. This is because tea can relax you in two ways: with the actual ingredients o...
10 Actions to Take to Make You Stop Hating Life
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The oh so familiar dark cloud had taken its place over your head recently, and you want to know how to stop hating life. But where do you begin, when you feel so hopeless in every aspect of your life?...
10 Horror Movies Sets with Real Ghosts That Haunted the Cast
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Can you take a guess which of your favorite horror movie sets were actually haunted? We bet you'll be surprised by a few. If you were an actor or actress in a scary movie, and even after you returned ...
Best Honeymoon Destinations in India to Consider
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10 Mysterious Unsolved Hollywood Murders
8 months ago
Real-life mysteries are always interesting. And when you combine them with the mystique of Hollywood, you've certainly captured the interest of many. It's basically reading the best must-read detectiv...
Can Cats See Color?
8 months ago
We all know that cats are constantly alert (if they're not sleeping) and go crazy for a laser pointer. But can they see that the laser pointer is red? A question that is often debated, if cats can cat...