Joseph Farley

Joseph Farley is a North Jersey based writer who loves short fiction and stand-up comedy

Best Mystery Podcasts to Listen to
2 days ago
In the days of binge-watching Netflix, it seems like we want to consume all our content in a hurry. So, if you're a podcast listener, mystery podcasts are the best way to replicate the feeling. Missin...
Coolest Lap Desks To Help You Work Anywhere
3 days ago
Laptops come with a great ease of use, and with a good laptop you can work virtually anywhere—in bed, on the couch, out on the porch, etc. However, hunching over a table or placing the computer on you...
Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials Streaming on Netflix
4 days ago
Stand-up is the purest of art forms, as there is absolutely nothing between audience and artist—it's all pure reaction. You laugh, or you don't. You get the joke, or you're offended—it's that simple. ...
Great Gifts to Buy for Your Boss That Won't Make You Broke
7 days ago
Buying gifts for anybody can be difficult and stressful, but buying a gift for somebody who basically controls your fate can be downright panic inducing. Yup, we're talking about buying gifts for the ...
Best New Cars of 2017
23 days ago
New cars today are a combination of safety, reliability, and performance. The more a car has of all three, the more likely you are to read about them on this list. Many of these vehicles are highly aw...
Classic War Films That Need a Reboot
a month ago
Seemingly every other movie these days is a superhero flick or remake, but there is one classic genre that doesn't often get the updated treatment—the war film. Some of the greatest cinematic masterpi...