Joseph Farley

Joseph Farley is a North Jersey based writer who loves short fiction and stand-up comedy

The Best Restaurants in Philadelphia That Aren't Pat's and Gino's
a year ago
The city of brotherly love brings more to the table food wise than just amazing cheesesteaks. While Gino's and Pat's are delicious landmarks, and you should certainly go there if you haven't, we are m...
Best Black and White Movies of All Time
a year ago
The best black and white movies of all time rank very highly on any list of the greatest films of all time. They feature titans of American film, and the names include luminaries like Cary Grant, Fran...
Best Horror Movies of 2017
a year ago
Horror movies will always be popular because nothing is more exciting to see in the theatre then a creepy film that has you on the edge of your seat. A well-executed horror film is not easy to pull of...
Essentials for Your Car Emergency Kit
a year ago
Even if you drive one of the most reliable cars out there, there is still a possibility of breaking down and becoming stranded—which obviously can be scary. Scarier yet would be breaking down without ...
Funniest Trump Political Cartoons from 2017
a year ago
Donald Trump has been both good and bad for comedy. He's incredibly easy to trash, but there's such a glut of it, and he does so much dumb shit that it can sometimes feel like baling water. It can fee...
The Best True Crime Books of 2017
a year ago
Captivating true crime books will always find an audience because they often tell stories so human it could be us, or somebody we know. True crime has mass appeal in any medium, just flip through the ...