Joseph Farley

Joseph Farley is a North Jersey based writer who loves short fiction and stand-up comedy

Best Live Action Adaptations of Cartoons Never Made
9 hours ago
Kids have always spent tons of time watching Saturday morning cartoons, but why haven't some of these classic cartoon series been on the big screen? The best live action adaptations of cartoons never ...
Why Are Some CBD Oils Illegal?
10 hours ago
CBD oils tend to fall into a certain legal grey area, with many people being unsure what is legal and what isn't. Finding out what's legal or not can often depend on who you ask — not ideal if you lov...
Must Watch Reality Shows on Netflix
a day ago
Netflix streaming offers thousands of hours of high quality, scripted tv shows. However, sometimes you just want to turn your brain off a binge watch something that's easily digestible, something you ...
Must Watch British Netflix Shows
3 days ago
British television is usually pretty easy to identify, as it comes with certain characteristics that make it inherently British. For one thing, the "series" are much shorter — between four and eight e...
Top Pickup Trucks Available Right Now
3 days ago
More than any other vehicle on the market, a pickup truck delivers a statement — a statement of American muscle. However, pickup trucks don't come cheap, and if you make the wrong decision and buy one...
Best New Sci-Fi Books
3 days ago
The best sci-fi books always feel sort of new, that's part of their wide appeal. While many folks like to stick to classic sci-fi, there are many great new writers doing amazing things, and that's why...