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Funniest Trump Political Cartoons from 2017

Our commander-in-chief has sparked the creativity of some great artists: the highlights resulting in the funniest Trump political cartoons from 2017.

By Joseph FarleyPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
By Marian Kamensky

Donald Trump has been both good and bad for comedy. He's incredibly easy to trash, but there's such a glut of it, and he does so much dumb shit that it can sometimes feel like baling water. It can feel like everything that can be said about the President has been said by someone who said it better; and that's why the funniest Trump political cartoons from 2017 are true works of art.

Most of the Trump cartoons are anti-Trump, but with his travel ban, net neutrality changes, and general assault on the free press, it's easy to see why. The best of these illustrations sum up a political moment more than even the best editorial writer could. With that, check out the funniest doodles of the year below.

Tom Toles

Tom Toles of the Washington Post is one of the best political cartoonists around, and his piece after the stunning upset in the Alabama Senate race is one of the funniest Trump political cartoons from 2017. We have Trump and the Republican mascot on a beach about to be crashed over by three massive waves. The first is the Moore Breaker, as it turns out even Alabama isn't willing to put an alleged child molester and mall menace into office.

The second wave is in reference to the midterm elections, as the president's historically low approval rating spell a midterm wipeout for his constituents. Lastly is the larger, more abstract notion of widespread political change, coming after a woefully inept presidency.

Phil Hands

Trump's short-sighted decision to pull us out of the Para Climate Accord became the inspiration behind one of the funniest Trump political cartoons from 2017. Trump's "America First" ideals have actually damaged America's position on the world stage, and his flaming orange hair is what his administration can be counted on to do to the environment. Phil Hand's really summed up the notion of the ugly American with this political cartoon.

Phil Hands

Another great one from the Wisconsin State Journal's Phil Hands is our orange president in green. If you believe Trump, "This is the biggest political witch hunt in our nation's history." I think he's forgetting about the actual witch hunt in Salem, but he is referencing the Mueller investigation, and how unfair he believes it is. After firing Comey, lets hope he lets Mueller sort through all this (unlikely), but either way, the image made for one of the funniest Trump political cartoons from 2017.

Daryl Cagle

The Trump White House is certainly known for its leaks, and cartoonist Daryl Cagle really ran with that idea. The president is springing leaks from everywhere, and the best detail is his too-long tie is nearly hitting the floor. From Russia to how much TV Trump watches, nothing seems to stay inside the West Wing for very long. The image is one of the funniest Trump political cartoons from 2017.

Phil Hands

With Trump threatening a horrifying war with North Korea, leave it up to Phil Hands to bring some much-needed levity. After trading insults about each others weight, it seems like relations between the two nations are at all time low. Hands takes a shot here at both leaders mental capacity, and their obsession with toys, or, in a doomsday scenario, bombs.

Nate Beeler

Nate Beeler, from the Columbus Dispatch, created one of the funniest Trump political cartoons from 2017 when he took aim at Trump's wall. The presidents most beloved of campaign promises seems to be less and less likely, leading to more and more temper tantrums. Thankfully, legislating is much harder than campaigning, and it looks like Trump is finding that out the hard way.

Pat Bagley

Trump's love of Twitter is well-known, but less known is the actual damage he is doing to the office. It's hard to say, as it's still early, but when the President of the United States speaks, the world has to listen. And it's going to be difficult to be taken seriously when you're tweeting "covfefe in the middle of the night from the toilet. The funniest Trump cartoons from 2017 also features the speaker Paul Ryan, who will surely suffer from standing by silently for this long.

Chris Britt

Trump loves TV, and even more than that he loves to hate-watch "fake news" and live tweet it—all the while claiming he doesn't watch much TV because he's busy with documents. One of his favorites is Morning Joe, a morning news program he has a hilarious on-going feud with. Trump tweeting in a bathrobe is definitely one of the funniest Trump political cartoons from 2017.

Osmani Simanca

If you believe Trump needs to be impeached, one of the biggest problems you can point to is his attacking of the free press. It's one of the most dangerous thing about his presidency, and if you know anything about world history, this kind of thing doesn't end well.

That's why this image of Trump carrying the Twitter emblem like a weapon is so poignant, while also being one of the funniest Trump cartoons from 2017, especially for movie buffs.

Adam Zyglis

From her awful book to the terrible dresses she hocks, Trump has been using the White House as a way to expand on his families personal wealth. He doubled the price of Mar-a-Lago memberships after he was elected, as well as the more famous pushing of his favorite daughter's products. Who can forget Kelly Anne Conway say "Buy Ivanka's stuff." Sad as it may be, the result is one of the funniest Trump cartoons from 2017.


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