Joseph Farley

Joseph Farley is a North Jersey based writer who loves short fiction and stand-up comedy

Essential Types of Soccer Balls Every Player Should Try
a year ago
Every soccer ball is not alike, and depending on the scenario, there are a host of potential options. Being that the actual soccer ball is the most essential part of any soccer match, you're going to ...
Best Quentin Tarantino Films Ever Made
a year ago
Simply put, Quentin Tarantino is one of the coolest, most emulated directors in modern memory. Tarantino films are known for their blistering dialogue, massive range of references to pop culture, and ...
Best Trump GIFs of 2017
a year ago
Politics aside for a second: Donald Trump has terrible posture and even worse body language. His suits don't fit. His ties are too long. His eating habits are awful. This has led to some incredibly aw...
Least Fuel Efficient Cars of All Time
a year ago
Back when gas was cheap and we thought it'd last forever, it's not hard to see why some of these fuel guzzling, environmental disasters were made. Nowadays, if you don't have decent miles per gallon y...
Best MLS Soccer Stadiums
2 years ago
Despite not being all over mainstream sports talk, the MLS is growing at a steady clip. Since its inception, most of the MLS teams haven't been playing in soccer-specific stadiums, and instead had to ...
Best Reverb Guitar Pedals to Buy Right Now
2 years ago
I'm sure you've heard of reverb before, but most people aren't exactly sure what it means—other than it's some sort of sound. Reverb is the continuation of sound after it's made as it carries across t...