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Best Trump GIFs of 2017

In a year full of awkward moments, behold the best Trump GIFs of 2017.

By Joseph FarleyPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Politics aside for a second: Donald Trump has terrible posture and even worse body language. His suits don't fit. His ties are too long. His eating habits are awful. This has led to some incredibly awkward and clunky interactions, and if we table some of his cruel and divisive policy proposals for a bit, these moments are pretty funny.

Every aggressively long handshake and cringe worthy moment with a foreign leader has given us plenty of GIF-able moments. About a year into his rocky presidency, what are the best Trump GIFs of 2017? If you can handle any more of the president, enjoy some of the most noteworthy moments of the year below.

This prolonged handshake with Shinzo Abe is vintage Trump. For starters, the handshake went on for 19 seconds—19 seconds! Trump seems to have trouble letting go of other peoples hands, as well as issues reading whether or not other people want to be touched (allegedly). Trump doubles down here with a hand pat and a double thumbs up to the camera like he just got off a roller coaster, clearly one of the best Trump GIFs of 2017.

Everyone knows our president has the best words, and he really hammered home that point with one of the best Trump GIFs of 2017. He tends to use it quite often, usually when making a point during a stump speech that in the moment seems like he is surprising himself.

In addition, he uses bing bong to describe the sounds of a high powered rifle, the signing of checks, rocket ships, puppets, and to let the listener know his "sentence" is over.

Believe him, Trump's got a world class brain, but even sometimes he issues and Executive Order and forgets to sign it. During the ceremony for the signing of the EO, Trump was seemingly distracted by a reporters question.

The EO was about our bad trade deals, but when Pence goes to alert him that he forgot to do the one thing he was there to do, Trump brushes him off like the Veep was asking him to pick up his dirty socks. It's likely he was a bit embarrassed, making it one of the best Trump GIFs of 2017.

The First Lady's hand swat became a viral sensation. As the Trumps and the Netanyahus walked the red carpet following a formal welcoming to Israel, the President appears to reach for his wife's hand. However, Melania couldn't be less interested, and she swats him away like he's a stranger. Even if it was just a simple marital disagreement, the hilarious moment is one of the best Trump GIFs of 2017.

Donald Trump drinks this water bottle like it's the first time he's ever taken a drink of water. He looks unsure as he approaches, like he is smelling it, as if he is about take a shot of booze or maybe battery acid. Another problem is he uses two hands, something I've never seen outside of a child with a sippy cup. This just makes the story that he drinks 12 cans of Diet Coke each day all the more credible.

Trump tweeted this out himself, and his take down of so-called "fake news," CNN is one of the best Trump GIFs of 2017. As funny as it is, it's a bit disheartening to know the same guy has the nuclear codes. Is Donald Trump the worst President ever? Republican or Democrat, his approval ratings are certainly going that way, and it's safe to say that his constant attempts to undermine the free press are more than a bit troubling.

Donald Trump in Puerto Rico was a disaster. Between taking forever to get down there and feuding with the Mayor of Puerto Rico, it's safe to say it wasn't a high mark for his young administration.

One of the best Trump GIFs of 2017 has him shooting paper towels into a crowd of hurricane survivors like he's shooting a free throw. While it's not as bad compared to what he actually did (or didn't do) in Puerto Rico, this horrible optic is what most remember.

In perhaps one of the most awkward moments, an angry Trump refuses to shake Angela Merkel's hand. He just sits there refusing to acknowledge her, making himself look like a toddler in the process. One of the best Trump GIFs of 2017 set foreign relations back a few years, damaging years of diplomacy in a few short minutes.

In another telling moment, Trump is skipped over and apparently left hanging by the Polish First Lady. Whether or not she meant it, it made for one of the best Trump GIFs of 2017. The scowl he gives after he's been ignored is priceless, and it kind of lets us know the sort of respect our allies have for our current President—sad!

It seems like new French President Emmanuel Macron had studied how Trump likes to shake hands and tried to best him at his own game. What resulted was a stalemate between world powers, with neither man willing to be the first one to loosen their grip.

There are plenty of good Trump GIFs that deal with handshakes, but he never met somebody so well prepared to play. It was a symbolic moment for the rest of the world, and one of the best Trump GIFs of 2017.


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