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'Men Think About Business and Women Think About Men'
This is the kind of information I have known all of my life, even though it was hidden somewhere in a little drawer inside my brain, but it was only when I heard it from Corinne Fisher's mouth that I ...
CD Turner2 days ago
'The Handmaid's Tale' Analysis: Chapters 9-11
"We would lie in those afternoon beds, afterwards, hands on each other, talking it over. Possible, impossible. What could be done? We thought we had such problems. How were we to know we were happy?"
Victoria Gracie2 days ago
I Was Told That I Would Not Be Taken Seriously Because of My Weight
I had always loved the art of dance. From the graceful movements, to the impossible looking jumps and turns. So much hard work, yet it all looked so easy. It was an art form that really touched me fro...
Nancy D2 days ago
Do you love roses, animals and intricate line designs? If so, then you will love RoseEater! Her combination of dark and feminine creates the perfect eye-candy for anyone who has ever had a dark time i...
Alan Russell3 days ago
Rainbow is a true veteran. We have had her in our family of ponies and horses for at least 29 of her 31 years. By age alone, she really does qualify as a veteran. She has hunted, shown at a high level...
Morganne Thayer3 days ago
Stress and Your Skin
Stress is a normal part of our everyday lives, in fact, its expected, and comes in all shapes and sizes. From weddings and a new addition, to the family, to your car breaking down in the middle of the...