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Jami Brumfield4 hours ago
What I've Learned About Tantrums
Being Proactive and Having the Right Response Makes a Huge Difference
Melissa Yinger5 hours ago
Bitch VS Boss
Women are bitches and not bosses. That is the patriarch. It is oppression of women on a societal scale. Roles conditioned by demographics like: finances, education, culture, family. As a mother, I wan...
Jessie White6 hours ago
Backyard Chickens (Pt. 3)
The chicks arrival and the time since they got here has been a bit hectic. My daughter went from excited protector to a distracted child. It happens. Then she shifted again to mother hen and now back ...
Rosanna Teale6 hours ago
The View from the Dog House Pt 10
Another agent rejected her novel this morning, which is obviously disappointing. However, it was a very encouraging message telling her not to give up as it is, after all, a very subjective industry. ...
Tyger Jackson6 hours ago
Damaged but Not Broken
Some days are amazing, others I cant even get out of bed. I am Tyger Jackson. A survivor of a brutal attack by my ex. I will not say his actual name here because well, this story is about the survivor...
Doris Hall6 hours ago
10 Tips for Staying Sane with a Baby
Before you have a baby you have all kinds of illusions about what it will be like. You and your sweet, happy baby will have peaceful times together, she'll sleep through the night, she'll gurgle and c...